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The Flavours of Bermuda

With international roots and a rich natural bounty each season, Bermuda’s cuisine is as unique as the island itself. 

A culinary diamond in the rough, Bermuda serves up tastes you'll only find out here. From fish chowder infused with black rum and sherry peppers to Portuguese donuts served alongside a traditional codfish breakfast, a sumptuous menu awaits you. Just a two-hour flight from the U.S. East Coast, the island brings fresh and bold flavours to the table.

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Come together to celebrate Bermuda’s food culture with island-inspired menus and great deals during Restaurant Weeks, happening January 16 – February 2, 2020.

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An intriguing blendFood traditionsLegendary libations

An Intriguing Blend

Fish Sandwich and Gosling's® in Bermuda

Global Inspiration

Uniquely positioned in the North Atlantic between North America and Europe, Bermudian culture has been a blend of British, Portuguese, African, Caribbean and Native American influences for centuries. Similarly, Bermudian cuisine melds flavours from each of these places into dishes you won't find anywhere else. Find Creole spices blended into proper English dishes, and other unexpected combinations.

Seafood Specialties

Given how it's surrounded by water on all sides, Bermuda was bound to offer incredibly fresh sea-to-table offerings, from tuna and wahoo to spiny lobster. Topping the list of quintessential Bermudian dishes are fish chowder – complete with Black Seal rum and sherry peppers, of course – and a fried fish sandwich, preferably served on raisin bread with all the fixings. In fall and winter, find freshly caught spiny lobster on the menu.


Sumptuous Seasonal Bounty

Bermuda’s renowned climate and soil quality create a perfect growing environment for a range of fruits and vegetables – from loquats to those onions Bermuda is famous for. Every season has a different harvest offering its own set of flavors. In winter, find hearty greens like broccoli and hard squashes like pumpkin. In spring months, loquats and suriname cherries are on the menu. Find bay grapes and paw paw in summer dishes and harvest fresh guava, spinach and turnips in the fall.

Food Traditions

The traditional Bermuda Breakfast includes codfish, potatoes, bananas and avocados

Bermudian Breakfast & Beyond

On weekend mornings, Bermudian breakfast plates tend to be piled high with steamed or boiled salt codfish. Served alongside it are potatoes, a hard-boiled egg, sliced bananas and, of course, onions. Sometimes you'll find it topped with avocado slices. Another Bermudian tradition to keep an eye out for: Hoppin' John, a savoury dish made from peas, rice and island seasonings.

Yellowfin Tuna at The Waterlot in Bermuda

A Fish Lover's Dream

When it comes to fish's presence in Bermudian cuisine, the codfish breakfast is just the start. Out here, you can, as some have already done, eat fish at every meal. Fish sandwiches loaded up with Bermuda onions, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, hot sauce and coleslaw are on the menu at popular lunch spots like Art Mel's Spicy Dicy. As for dinner, beloved seasonal favourites include spiny lobster in fall and winter and yellowfin tuna in sping and fall.

Delectable Sweets

With so many locally grown fruits and spices on hand – not to mention varieties of rum – Bermuda was bound have tonnes of options for sweet tooths, be it for breakfast (malasadas, or Portuguese donuts), afternoon tea (cinnamon buns and other pastries from Sweet SAAK Bakery) or dessert (moist rum cake, banana fritters or Black Seal Rum chocolate mousse). Even old-world sweets like syllabub, an English dessert said to date back to Henry VIII's time, have a Bermudian twist; out here, they're served with mango or guava jam.

Legendary Libations

A Dark 'N Stormy, served with Gosling's® Dark Rum in Bermuda

Signature Sipping

Two classic beverages were born in Bermuda – the Dark ‘n Stormy® and the Rum Swizzle. The first is a refreshing libation that layers dark rum – Gosling's Black Seal Rum, of course – atop an iced glass of ginger beer (Barritt's, made in Bermuda, is best), garnished with a wedge of lime. A sweeter option, the Rum Swizzle blends Black Seal Rum, amber rum and island fruit juices, which is finished off with a splash of falernum. Sample them in the place where they were first concocted. Learn more about Bermuda's Classic Cocktails.

The Dock at Waterlot Inn, Bermuda

Cocktail Culture

Still thirsty? Stormies and swizzles are just the beginning. With so many delectable botanicals on island – and a truly innovative spirit that infuses life out here, creative craft cocktails are huge here. Get lost with a Bermuda Triangle, which blends three types of rum with orange and pineapple juices, at Mickey's Beach Bistro. Or, opt for a prickly pear martini – its namesake ingredient is grown on island – at Wahoo's Bistro. See more original cocktails made in Bermuda.

Boats & Beverages

Few things are more suited for one another than a salty sea and an icy rum beverage, so it's no wonder cocktail cruises abound out here. See the awe-inspiring sights of Bermuda's Great Sound, swizzle (or champagne) in hand, during a sunset cruise. Learn about the island and its rum-making legacy during Gosling's rum-tasting cruise, a 90-minute sunset ride that's guaranteed to put you in the island spirit. Or, take in the dramatic coastal features of Harrington Sound during an evening cocktail cruise. Explore more enticing options with the Island Tour Centre.

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Out here, dining is an experience unto itself. Whether you seek a picnic on a pink-sand beach or a sophisticated dinner spot overlooking coastal cliffs, dining tables with a view abound on the island.

Eat Green: Lionfish Fry

Once a popular aquarium fish, the invasive lionfish poses a detrimental threat to reef ecosystems like the ones that line Bermuda's shores. They prey on juvenile fish but lack natural predators. Environmentalists and chefs are teaming up for a tasty solution: eat 'em to beat 'em. Help them preserve Bermuda's biodiversity.

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Restaurants Island-wide

Now until Feb 2, 2020, Daily | Food & Drink

Celebrate the island's distinct food culture with Bermuda-inspired menus and great deals during Restaurant Weeks....

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Bermuda Botanical Gardens, Hamilton & Central Bermuda

Now until May 23, 2020, Weekly on Saturdays | Food & Drink

From November through June, Bermuda Botanical Gardens is the place to be on Saturday mornings. Find fresh produce,...

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Brunch Revolution


Now until Mar 29, 2020, Weekly on Sundays | Food & Drink

Incredible Sunday Champagne brunch with the smooth sounds of DJ Felix! All of your favourite breakfast items, such as...

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Twisted Tiki Tuesdays

Marcus', Hamilton & Central Bermuda

Jan 21, 2020 until Jan 28, 2020, Weekly on Tuesdays | Food & Drink, Music & Concerts

Liven up your Tuesday evenings with Tiki themed drinks, freshly made Taco's and live music! 

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Jazz Nights

Marcus', Hamilton & Central Bermuda

Jan 22, 2020 until Jan 12, 2022, Weekly on Wednesdays | Food & Drink, Music & Concerts

Blow away the midweek blues with live jazz from the Toni Bari Trio during your dinner – or even get your jam on with...

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Eat, Drink, Travel: Live Audience Podcast

Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute (BUEI), Hamilton & Central Bermuda

Jan 23, 2020 | Food & Drink

Join in on two live audience podcasts and a press conference at the Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute. EAT,...

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Roots Rock Reggae at Marcus'

Marcus', Hamilton & Central Bermuda

Jan 23, 2020 until Jan 13, 2022, Weekly on Thursdays | Food & Drink, Music & Concerts

Just as dinner winds down, we wind things up every Thursday evening! Please stay on after dinner or join us later for...

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Transport Museum Fish Fry

, Royal Naval Dockyard & the West End

Feb 2, 2020 | Food & Drink

Fish are harvested from our waters year-round, so why not a fish fry in February? The curator of Bermuda's...

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