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Blue skies with bright sunshine is the default setting for Bermuda’s weather. While the temperatures are generally mild, the island’s weather can be a bit quirky – umbrellas can be going up for brief showers in the West End while people in the East End are basking in sunshine. Out here, you’ll find gentle tradewinds and generous trade-offs: the wind makes for world-class sailing, and rainfall throughout the year keeps the parks and golf courses lush.

Current Conditions

Recorded at 5:55 am AT (Bermuda Time) at L.F. Wade International Airport


Mostly Cloudy


Humidity: 84%


21 kts
UV Index


out of 20

Today's Forecast

Issued at 5:30 am AT (Bermuda Time) on Wednesday, June 16, 2021



Moderate to strong winds persist within the pressure squeeze between weakening high pressure to our east and an intensifying complex frontal boundary to our west. The complex system moves closer to the island today bringing a few showers. Showery activity continues to increase Thursday into Friday morning as the main frontal boundary passes. Conditions then begin to rapidly settle Friday afternoon as high pressure returns.

This morning

Sunny Periods, showers
This afternoon

Sunny Breaks, showers
This evening

Mostly Cloudy, showers
Late night

Mostly Cloudy, showers

This Week's Forecast

Islanders often go online to check the radar to see if it’s a day for beaching or boating, but expert local opinions can be just as enlightening. Hotel doormen give impressively accurate forecasts. Same goes for tennis coaches, taxi drivers and especially fishermen, who can predict a specific time of day for the next shower. Truth is, the weather rarely gets in your way. The warmest months are the most popular, but whatever time of year you visit you can play golf, sail, fish, hike, cycle and end the day with a sunset cruise.

Thu 6/17

Mostly Cloudy, showers

High: 78°F26ºC, Low: 71ºF22ºC
Wind: SSW 15-20 kts

Fri 6/18

Sunny Periods, showers

High: 79°F26ºC, Low: 73ºF23ºC
Wind: SW 18-24 kts

Sat 6/19

Mix of Sun and Cloud

High: 81°F27ºC, Low: 74ºF23ºC
Wind: NW 10-15 kts

Sun 6/20

Mostly Sunny

High: 83°F28ºC, Low: 76ºF24ºC
Wind: WSW 8-12 kts

Average Temperatures & Rainfall

Temperatures & Rainfall

Water Temperatures


It’s sub-tropical, thanks to two natural allies: the Gulf Stream and the Bermuda-Azores High. The Gulf Stream pushes warm, equatorial water to the west and north of the island, up from the Gulf of Mexico. This ensures comfortable temperatures year round, from mid 60s in the winter to mid 80s in the summer. The Bermuda-Azores High is a high-pressure zone that lies east of the island in the summer, shielding Bermuda from storm systems to the north and wafting light, southerly winds its way. See a seasonal guide for what to pack and what to wear in Bermuda.


Bermuda doesn’t experience the heat of the Caribbean (it’s about 1,000 miles north) or the chills of London or the northeast U.S. You’re looking at a 65 degree average in January, 67 in April, 80 in July and 75 in October. June through August brings southerly breezes, which makes evenings delightful. This is an outdoor destination year-round. The difference between water and air temperatures averages 2 degrees.


Simply put, rain isn’t likely to spoil your Bermuda vacation. Unlike other island destinations, Bermuda has no rainy season. And you won’t hear Bermudians complain about rainfall because they collect it for drinking water via their white slate roofs, pipes and underground tanks. Heavier downpours (typically at night in the summer) don’t usually last longer than a couple of hours; rarely does the sun disappear for long. If you do encounter a day of rain, check out the island’s great indoors.

Homespun Barometers

Bermuda relies on satellites and radar, of course, but some traditional forecasting methods are still in use. Old-timers turn to shark oil when the weather is unsettled. Cloudy shark oil signals a storm – read more about the shark oil tradition. There’s also the old Weather Stone at Fort Scaur in the West End. The instructions are tongue-in-cheek: a dry stone = it’s not raining; a shadow underneath = the sun’s shining. “If ever it is white on top, it is snowing,” the noticeboard helpfully adds.


Big hits are rare, averaging just over one per decade. The hurricane season officially runs June 1 through November 30. Four key things to know:

  • Most hotels have “hurricane guarantees” that provide refunds or future complimentary stays.
  • The island usually gets plenty of advance notice of an approaching storm.
  • The emergency services are very well-versed in storm preparation.
  • Bermuda’s stone buildings are incredibly strong and many have withstood hurricanes for centuries.

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For more information, visit the Bermuda Weather Service website or

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