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Flora Duffy taking a swim in Bermuda

Out here, scenic trails, sparkling turquoise waters and a pleasant year-round climate inspire peak performance.

Just ask Olympic gold medalist Flora Duffy, the Bermuda-born triathlete who spent countless hours training along the island's many trails and waterways. With travel time of two hours or less from most airports on the U.S. East Coast, it's also incredibly easy to get to, and the climate is perfect for endurance events year-round.

The Bermuda Triangle Challenge Marathon Weekend, the Bermuda End to End and the Devil's Isle Challenge paddleboard race are just some of the major endurance events the island has hosted – perhaps yours will be next.

How BTA Will Make Your Endurance Event Next-Level

cyclist riding along the Bermudian shoreline

Ideal Year-Round Climate

It may have a similar latitude to North Carolina, but due to the Gulf Stream, Bermuda enjoys mild weather conditions for most of the year. Abundant sunshine and gentle seabreezes create an ideal climate for outdoor activities throughout the year, especially in fall, winter and spring. It never gets too cold for a run in winter, and the cool Atlantic waters surrounding the island are perfect for a rigorous swim in summer. Learn more about Bermuda's weather and climate

Aerial view of a race route along the coastline

Amazing Routes

For a place with an area of just 21 square miles, Bermuda has countless potential routes ideal for a long-distance run, all of them absolutely breathtaking. Out here, a race route can include any number of stunning sights along the way: pink-sand beaches, the historic Bermuda Railway Trail, Bermuda Botanical GardenCity of Hamilton's Front Street and more. The same goes for cycling, paddling, swimming and other endurance activities requiring a route. BTA can help you determine the best routes for your race or training event, and connect you with accommodations near your starting point.

Bermuda National Sports Centre – Bermuda National Sports Centre Track

Top Training Spots

Just northeast of Hamilton, Bermuda's capital, the National Sports Centre is a hub for local and visiting athletes alike. Endurance athletes will find everything they need at this large complex: a new state-of-the-art gym, a 400-meter race track, a 50-meter pool and more. Visiting athletes can use the facility at no cost. And long-distance runners will love starting the day with a run on the trails that line Bermuda's scenic South Shore beaches or along the Bermuda Railway Trail.

cyclists race down the street - competing in a triathlon in Bermuda

Administrative Steps

No one knows the island's 21 square miles more than we do. This means that once you determine your race route, BTA will help you secure proper permitting for road closures and other concerns as well as make reservations in a timely manner so there is no risk of missing a deadline. As needed, we will take care of details such as parking and alternate routes.

Volunteer passes runner water during triathlon in Bermuda

Event Support

A lot of detail goes into the perfect endurance event. BTA will be there to ensure your event is run smoothly from start to finish. That includes coordinating volunteers and water stations, finding a place to print running bibs for participants, distributing maps and brochures to attendees, capturing photos and videos, assisting with media and much more.

Group of triathletes gathering together

Community Connections

Whether you're organizing a triathlon, a paddleboard race or a road-running event, there is a community out here waiting to meet you. Let us connect you with them for training advice, insider tips and even some camaraderie.

Planning & Promotion

Planning & Promotion

We don't just want to help you dot your i's and cross your t's; we want your event to be a resounding success, and are here to answer your questions and connect you with on-island resources and communities. BTA is also here to help you promote your event, helping you reach prospective participants and/or spectators. Whether it's using some of our digital footprint to help spread awareness of your event to prospective visitors or promoting your event on island, we're here to help increase your event's visibility.

Triathletes taking pictures of the Bermuda coastline

Tours & Site Visits

While we're sure you'll love every mile of your chosen route, we know you'll want to inspect it in person. When you want to see potential race routes or venues for associated events, let us know. BTA is happy to arrange in-person tours, and some groups qualify for discounts on their stay when they book a site visit.

Event Execution

Event Executiom

Come the start of your event, BTA is here for you. Expect dedicated on-island assistance throughout your event. Potential assistance can include official welcome letters, brochures, maps, video and still photography, assistance with media, coach greetings and recommendations for group tours. From major endurance events to camps and retreats, it's what we're here for.

Bermuda is a truly amazing place rich with culture and heritage. Team USA enjoyed our time on the island and I wholeheartedly endorse Bermuda. I am looking forward to working with the Bermuda Tourism Authority to bring additional opportunities to the country.

- Dr. Jeff Porter | Chair, USA Track & Field Athletes Advisory Committee

Contact the BTA Team

An award-winning US middle-distance runner with Olympian roots, the BTA’s Director of Sports & Business Development, Hazel Clark and her team will help take your event to the finish line. Contact her to start planning today.

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