From JFK to Bermuda, a 3-day Itinerary

Located in the Northern Atlantic you can travel from JFK-BDA in only 90-minutes, the perfect long weekend escape! Arrive on the pink-sand lined shores of Bermuda’s island paradise and start exploring the three regions of the island, from East to West. 

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Gibbs Hill Lighthouse at Sunset.

The best way to discover the island, is to discover the three main regions, which can be done in just three days! Let’s get started.


Stay at one of the island’s unique cottage colony resorts, with stunning white roofs and pink-coloured cottages lining the turquoise waters you will feel on cloud nine as soon as you arrive. Cambridge Beaches and Pompano Beach Club offer private beaches, pools, spas, restaurants and watersport activities to keep you occupied while relaxing at your home base in Bermuda. 

Bermuda Triangle Challenge Offer at Cambridge Beaches – Cambridge Beaches
Cambridge Beaches

Day 1


For hundreds of years, Bermuda’s West End has been the marine hub of the Island. Home to the historic Royal Naval Dockyard, it’s now a busy port and a hub for sightseeing, shopping, dining, and entertainment. With its rich maritime history, it’s no surprise that the West End is best explored by land and sea. Stroll through the Dockyard, take a dip at Snorkel Park Beach, and venture to Somerset Village, one of Bermuda’s prettiest places. Slow down and soak up centuries of history blended with fresh discoveries, like colourful craft shops and markets.

Aerial of Dockyard with blue waters.

Shopping highlight: Bermuda Shorts 

Dress like a local with your own pair of iconic Bermuda shorts from TABS (The Authentic Bermuda Shorts) located in Dockyard. TABS are made from fine cotton twill and are available in a spectrum of island-inspired colours – from Princess Pink to Parrotfish Turquoise. The shorts come in men’s and women’s cuts, and are lined with fun stripes and tropical prints. You can even order them online and ship them all over the world with international shipping!

Day 2


No vacation in Bermuda is complete without a trip “to town” – a visit to the City of Hamilton, Bermuda’s cosmopolitan capital. You’ll get to experience a vibrant, lively energy that’s unlike anywhere else on the island. Perched on Hamilton Harbour, the city is a colourful hub that’s packed with great dining, nightlife, shopping, and culture interspersed with excellent beaches, lush parks and botanical gardens, and million-dollar views. 

An aerial view of Hamilton Harbour.

Just like the rest of Bermuda, Hamilton is a unique blend of old and new, past and future, all tied up with a unique, distinct twist. Take a break at one of the area’s beaches, forts, gardens or lush, green parks.

Shopping highlight: Pink Sand Jewellery 

Find one-of-a-kind pieces at Alexandra Mosher Studio Jewellery, and never part with Bermuda’s pink sands. Mosher sets the rosy-hued grains in resin and mounts them like gemstones into wax-cast silver and gold, creating everything from pendants and earrings to cufflinks and Christmas ornaments. An excellent keepsake or gift for a loved one.

Day 3


On the East End of the island, discover history and culture in historic towns, forts and jungles. Historic and quaint, the Town of St. George is Bermuda’s former capital and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The East End of Bermuda is full of incredible architecture, heritage, and culture.

A view of St George's colourful Water Street with bright coloured houses.

Stroll centuries-old brick streets and pop into unique shops, galleries, and boutiques. Or, uncover otherworldly, natural wonders at the Crystal & Fantasy Caves, Cooper’s Island Nature Reserve, and Blue Hole Park in Tom Moore’s Jungle.

Shopping highlight: Bermuda’s Unique Scents 
At Lili Bermuda, every perfume and cologne is meticulously developed and handcrafted on-island at historic Stewart Hall under the direction of Master Perfumer Isabelle Ramsay-Brackstone. Visit the Perfumery for a free tour of their operations, book a workshop to make your own signature fragrance, and stay for Afternoon High Tea, served by Sweet P in the garden of the Perfumery.
Now that you have your itinerary, it’s time to get your holiday outfits ready by visiting SAKS 5th Ave.



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