Why Bermuda Has Pink Sand

Discover why Bermuda’s sand has that famous pink hue, seek out the island’s best pink-sand beaches, and find more pink inspiration.

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View of warwick long bay pink beaches.

Think Pink!

Most sand isn’t pink, and most islands aren’t like Bermuda. 

Pink sand epitomises the island's distinctive charm and appeal. Unravelling the mystery behind the soft, rosy hue, this article will guide you to premier spots for its splendour. Whether you seek secluded shorelines or convenient facilities, relish the crystal-clear waters and the iconic, velvety pink sands.

Discover more pink-themed fun at unexpected places as you explore all 21 miles of this intriguing island. With just a short flight from the US east coast, Bermuda will transport you to another world.

What Makes the Sand Pink

Have you ever pondered the secret behind Bermuda's pink sand? The scientific answer lies in the presence of minute marine organisms called foraminifera. As explained by the Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences, foraminifera, affectionately known as "forams," are tiny single-celled creatures with calcium carbonate shells, akin to those of corals, mussels, and lobsters.

Warwick long bay pink beach.

When forams perish due to wave impact or natural causes, their shells descend to the ocean floor. Eventually, they drift ashore and blend with white quartz sand, imparting a delicate pink tint. The vibrancy of this hue is influenced by the intensity of sunlight reaching the sand.

Bermuda's sandy shores boast a delicate pale pink hue, resembling a gentle blush from a distance. Upon closer inspection, the sand reveals a myriad of pink tones within its fine particles.

The Best Pink-Sand Beaches in Bermuda

Where to find the pinkest sand in Bermuda? The island’s most famous beach is also one of the best for experiencing pink sand: Horseshoe Bay Beach. Beyond the spectacular shoreline, you’ll find a complete list of amenities for a fun day in the sun. Think island-style food, cold beverages, lounge chair and umbrella rental, snorkelling gear, and more. 

Head east for a few minutes to discover another picturesque stretch of pink sand at Warwick Long Bay. This beach offers a more secluded and rugged experience, featuring striking rock formations that enhance its beauty and provide excellent snorkelling opportunities. Accessible on foot via a scenic nature trail from Horseshoe Bay, or you can choose to travel there by scooter or electric microcar.

close of of warwick long bay pink sand.

Located along the South Shore, Church Bay is a quaint pink-sand beach and a top spot for snorkelling. The vibrant reef in this area offers excellent opportunities to observe colourful parrotfish and angelfish in their natural habitat.

Located on the island's East End, John Smith’s Bay, named after Captain John Smith, who met Pocahontas and crafted Bermuda's initial map, is a prime spot to relish Bermuda's pink sand. Unwind by laying out your beach towel or arranging your beach chair to bask in the sunshine on this extensive, level shoreline.

More Pink Inspiration 

Bermuda’s love of pink sand (and all things pink) goes beyond the beaches. In the City of Hamilton, the Ocean Discovery Centre at the Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute (BUEI) features an exciting exhibit on the island’s pink sand. Plus, you can admire their impressive shell collection and other ocean-themed treasures. 

Take home your own treasure with a piece of fine jewellery inlaid with pink sand. Check out Alexandra Mosher Studio Jewellery in Hamilton or Jennifer Rodrigues Designs in Hamilton and Royal Naval Dockyard. These designers capture Bermuda’s natural beauty with their pretty-in-pink works of art. 

Discover one of the world’s best hotel art collections at the island’s iconic pink hotel, The Hamilton Princess & Beach Club. Stay, dine, and toast to good times at the “Pink Palace.”

Exterior view of Hamilton Princess & Beach Club


At The Loren at Pink Beach, you can book a Pink Classic Manicure or Pedicure for a pop of island colour or indulge in a soothing massage with Himalayan salt stones at the hotel’s Sisley Spa. While at this gorgeous property, enjoy locally sourced seasonal Bermudian cuisine at The Pink Beach Club, all while enjoying mesmerising ocean views.

Places to Stay Near the Pink Sand

Want to stay near the pink sand? Enjoy easy beach access and sunsets from your private balcony or patio in one of the ocean-facing rooms at The Reefs Resort & Club on Bermuda’s South Shore. Up the road, the oceanfront Coco Reef Resort offers Old World charm with modern amenities. 

The ocean-inspired Azura, Bermuda’s newest boutique hotel, is perched atop a bluff overlooking a private, pink-sand beach.

Take Photos, Not Sand

While you’re invited to touch, photograph, and admire the sand, taking home Bermuda’s sand or shells is illegal. You can always purchase beachy gifts from local boutiques or snap photos! Try taking photos in the morning or evening to capture pink-sand beaches in their best light.



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