Spring Break in Bermuda: On the Water & On the Town

Bermuda offers a refreshing take on spring break. Experience sun-splashed island adventures on land and sea, from cultural experiences to sunset cruises.

Just two hours from the U.S. East Coast, Bermuda is the ideal island paradise for travellers seeking warm weather, gorgeous new sights, and unforgettable new adventures.

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Aerial view of bermuda boats.

Spring break in Bermuda is easygoing and carefree, mixed with the thrill of discovery – you can explore natural wonders, experience on-the-water adventures, and get immersed in the island's rich history and culture. With its temperate climate, turquoise waters, dramatic vistas, and flourishing arts and culture scene, the island's 21 square miles offer the perfect setting for a springtime getaway. Here are some of the top experiences.

On The Water

Wondrous Wildlife  

Stunning coastal vistas and turquoise water are just the beginning. To experience the true wonder of the island, you've got to go beneath the surface. The northernmost coral reef system in the Atlantic teems with colourful parrotfish and other kaliedoscopic species – and so do the hundreds of shipwrecks lying on the ocean floor just off Bermuda's shores. In spring, the water becomes warm enough to snorkel, helmet dive, or if you're certified (or up for a quick course), scuba dive around these brilliant seascapes. If you'd rather stay dry as you view the island's diverse wildlife, opt for a tour via glass-bottom boat or a kayak.

A close up of a Bermuda Parrotfish.

Spring is also prime time for spotting humpback whales on their migration to their northern feeding grounds. You can sometimes see whales from shore, but booking a whale watching tour is the best way to get a glimpse.

Sky-High Vistas

From the air, Bermuda's pink-sand beaches, interspersed with dramatic cliffs and lined by that famously azure water, are a sight like no other. Go soaring with Blue Sky Flights or opt for a parasailing for amazing panoramas of open ocean and dramatic coastline.

Jet Ski Adventures

Zipping over the island's glassy waters on a one- to two-person vessel is an absolute must for thrill seekers, but it's also a good way to get close to the colourful marine creatures you'll find swimming among the island's surrounding reefs and shipwrecks. Book a guided tour for insights from local guides, bonus snorkelling sessions and more. See more about jet skiing in Bermuda.

Sunset Cruises

Think Bermuda is only colourful by day? Twilight brings about even more beauty, especially when you're watching sunset from aboard a boat. The options for sunset cruises are endless. You can charter a luxury sailboat or sign up for a publicly available sunset cruise. View the reef from a glass-bottom boat with help from lights embedded in its hull, or sample island beverages on a rum-tasting cruise. Whichever way you go, it will be a most unforgettable evening.

Drone view of a boat at sunset.

On The Town

Cool Tours  

Experience the history, art, culture, and cuisine of Bermuda on foot, by tram, or even by Segway. In the Town of St. George, walk through the town square and Ordnance Island, and visit the numerous museums and historic houses in the area. Then see the spookier side of the town's history with a Haunted History Tour. 

On the opposite side of the island, tour the historic Royal Naval Dockyard on foot or by Segway – this popular attraction will be especially beloved by history buffs and those who love boating and sailing. At Dockyard's National Museum of Bermuda, peruse maritime artifacts including treasure recovered from centuries-old shipwrecks. 

Then dive into the local art scene (and Bermuda-inspired works by internationally renowned artists like Georgia O'Keeffe) at Masterworks Museum in Paget Parish. Or sample some of the island's tastiest dishes with a walking food tour in the City of Hamilton or Town of St. George.

Sophisticated Shopping

There's something special about Bermuda style – it weaves together British elegance, island exuberance, and coastal spirit in a timeless way. Whether you're looking for a new outfit, locally made skincare products, or imaginative décor, you'll have a wonderful time searching for island treasures in Bermuda's historic cities and towns. 

A couple are standing in a store shopping.

Clocktower Mall in Dockyard is a popular shopping spot offering everything from clothing to perfume. Bonus: it's housed in a historic building that was part of the large British fort for which the area is named. In Hamilton, experience the island elegance of Front Street, which is lined with shops where you'll find locally crafted jewellery, art, and more. In the Town of St. George, you'll find boutiques filled with colourful accessories as well as a local perfumery that distills island essences into an enticing collection of fragrances.

Vibrant Nightlife

Looking for a fun-filled night on the town? Head to Front Street in Hamilton for a good selection of bars, pubs, and lounges. Start at The Birdcage to enjoy signature cocktails and water views from the rooftop lounge. On Wednesday nights, Front Street hosts Harbour Nights, a lively weekly celebration in late spring and summer featuring performances by Bermuda's legendary Gombey dancers. 

Looking for live music? Across the island, local musicians perform shows nightly at establishments like the Hog Penny, the Frog & Onion Pub and the Reefs Resort & Club, among many others. Many restaurants offer late-night menus. For a trendy, upscale option, seek out Music Nights at Marée Lounge, tucked into The Loren at Pink Beach.



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