Bermuda Triple Challenge

Bermuda Triple Challenge


March 17, 2023 until March 19, 2023
Recurring daily





About Bermuda Triple Challenge

The Bermuda Triple Challenge is three days, three races, more than 75 obstacles and one weekend of fun. The three-day obstacle course series showcases three of Bermuda's beautiful, historical and cultural venues. Each day's challenge offers a 3–10K challenge with varying obstacles suitable for all levels of fitness, challenging both strength and stamina for ages 13 and up. Celebrate the end of each day with a post-event party. The event is now certified as an OCR World Championship qualifying event. Register as an individual or with your team.

Race 1 - Town of St. George - 7:00 PM

Race 2 - South Shore Beaches - 8:40 AM

Race 3 - Royal Naval Dockyard - 9:45 AM



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