The Bermuda Guide To Relaxation & Rejuvenation

Since the pandemic, taking care of your mental health and personal well-being has become a top priority to many. Get lost and find yourself in Bermuda. The island is the ultimate destination for relaxation and rejuvenation - an escape from everyday stress and a pathway to peace of mind.

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An aerial of people in a natural sea pool.


If you’re seeking to detach from your daily routine, unplug and reconnect with oneself, Bermuda is the perfect location. Less than a two-hour direct flight from most East Coast cities and the Tri-state area, paradise awaits. Be sure to grab a window seat for a bird’s eye view and immediately transform into a peaceful state of mind.  


Comfort and relaxation remain the focal point for this slow travel vacation, therefore you’ll find absolute tranquility at luxe hideaway The Loren Hotel at Pink Beach overlooking panoramic views of Bermuda's famous pink-hued shores.  If you opt for a more “door-to-sand” experience, The St. Regis Bermuda Resort grants you all-access to magnificent coastal landscape in an instant. No matter your preference, the island is sure to deliver complete natural beauty from the moment you awaken, to the minute you rest your head.  

An interior view of The Loren's Ocean Front King Bed.

Day 1


Salt Yoga / Yoga Paddleboard 

Inhale. Exhale. Begin your day with the ultimate practice. Immerse yourself in a program of relaxation with an early morning sunrise yoga session on the beach or in a unique aquatic setting. Care to challenge your skills? Why not try yoga paddleboard and experience complete balance. 

Salt Yoga – Salt Yoga On The Water
Katherine H. Moore/Salt Yoga

Enzuri Beauty Skin Care & Wellness 

Have you slacked on your daily regime? Fall in love with taking care of your skin and overall wellness over brunch style bites and mimosas in an intimate setting with Beauty at Home by luxury skincare brand Enzuri.  

Catch Some Vitamin Sea on a Ferry Ride 

Step off land for moment and glide across the glass-still waters of Hamilton Harbour to Dockyard on a ferry, the island’s second mode of transportation for residents. Free from high traffic, and honking cars, allow yourself to take in the panoramic views and see the island through a clear lens.  

A wide shot of colourful houses from a boat.

Day 2


Fresh air does the body good. Nearing the tip of the East End you’ll find endless blushed sand and aquatic ocean shorelines when you visit the beautiful Cooper’s Island Nature Reserve. Whether it’s a bountiful trek that calls your name or time to rest, get lost in the breath-taking views and open-air space.  

Aerial view of Cooper's Island.

If the beach isn’t your vibe, no worries. Allow time to slow down and enjoy the amazing interwoven walking trails In Southlands Nature Reserve. Riddled with majestic towering Bayan trees and ever-lasting pathways, this charming foliage can be the ultimate healer.  

Spa Treatment  

Serenity awaits you. Take a moment to treat yourself and work out the knots with a soothing spa treatment. Experience a little piece of heaven on earth in Natura Spa in a stunning cave at Grotto Bay Beach Resort and let your spirit connect with nature. Or let your mind wonder as you gaze out into the South Shore abyss at La Serena located in The Reefs Resort & Club. Either way, we’re sure you’ll leave glowing. 

View of The Reefs Resort infinity pool.

Day 3


Eating a well-balanced, nourishing meal has always been a spirit-lifter. With the rise of farm-to-table and sea-to-table experiences, it’s become a lot easier to dine fashionably healthy. Surrounded by miles of ocean, farms and gardens, fresh ingredients aren’t hard to come by. When on the island, we encourage you to don’t hold back, and “eat your way back to a healthy state of being”.  

For coffee lovers, why not start your day with a uniquely sourced and locally blended cup of jo from Devils Isle Bermuda. Boasting superior quality and an aromatic atmosphere, this quaint restaurant is just the right spot to jump start your day. 

A close up of a tray with a coffee cup, sugar, and sparkling water.

For lunch, with a gorgeous garden-view just outside the city, make your way to Huckleberry Restaurant, the place for memorable food and produces a world class dining experience. Featuring fruits and vegetables from their gardens and Bermuda honey from their hives, the historic boutique restaurant, pays tribute to frequent voyager Mark Twain, who spent a lot of time on the island and famously said, "You can go to heaven if you want. I'd rather say in Bermuda."

Looking for a starlit dinner? Head over to the island’s newest bespoke rooftop patio restaurant, The Cloud at the Waterfront. Forward thinking with their cashless service, save time and you’ll won’t be disappointed by the eclectic monthly a-al-cate menu.  

Eye level view of The Cloud Restaurant with chairs and greenery.



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