48 Hours Bermuda Erik Conover

Can you guess why the sand is pink? asked Erik Conover when he was out here in May. The American vlogger and his mother took advantage of the short hour and a half flight from New York City to tour the island’s natural wonders, explore turquoise waters and shipwrecks and catch early morning sunsets for some quality time together.

Take in Bermuda’s most captivating experiences as they did by following this itinerary.

Day 2

Morning:  Turn right as you leave the hotel. Pitts Bay Road turns to Front Street and the Hamilton Ferry Terminal is a quick five minutes. Grab a cup of coffee from D’Angelini’s next door and catch the 9 am to Royal Naval Dockyard, a scenic trip that gets you across the harbour and to the westernmost point in 20 minutes. The Island Tour Centre is Bermuda’s go-to excursions provider. Check in for the Hidden Gems Excursion in the pale blue building just inside of the cruise port entrance. This all-day tour will take you on an ecological adventure through Tom Moore’s Jungle and Cooper’s Island Nature Reserve for hiking, snorkelling and cave swimming. Take an exhilarating dive into Blue Hole, a serene lagoon surrounded by dense foliage and unmarked paths.

Evening: Take a taxi back to the City of Hamilton from Dockyard and ask the driver to make a quick stop at Horseshoe Bay’s Rum Bum Beach Bar for a classic Rum Swizzle on the South Shore. Be sure to book a table on the patio for dinner at Harbourfront Restaurant, located right on the water at the Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute

Day 3

Morning: Do not miss a glorious photo opportunity – get up before the sun to watch it rise over a pink sand beach. Warwick Long Bay on the famed South Shore is a good place to start. You can walk the trails to Jobson’s Cove, Stonehole Bay and all the tiny bays and inlets in between.
Back in time to rent a two-seater, electric car from the hotel’s Twizy rental office, enjoy a final sight-seeing session zipping around the island for a couple of hours before checking in for a 1 pm flight.  

As for the hue of the sand, get out here and see for yourself.

Pink sand beach



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