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Now until Mar 28, 2020

From: 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM

Approximately 60 percent of Bermudians are of African Ancestry, many of whom are descendants of enslaved West African and West Indians brought here during the 17th century. During the African Dispersion bus tour, discover the island's untold legacy of the African diaspora and hear the stories of enslaved people and their struggles for religious freedom in Bermuda.

You'll visit historic sites such as Cobbs Hill Methodist Church, a place of worship which was built by enslaved and free persons under moonlight before emancipation in 1834. Additional sites include The Old Graveyard by the Rubber Tree, a memorial for enslaved and free blacks before emancipation and the Sarah (Sally) Bassett sculpture, an enslaved grandmother accused of leading a plot to poison a slave owner in the 1700s.

This tour is available for a limited time only. Tickets available for purchase at Titan Tours Bermuda.



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