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Tourism Appreciation

April is Hospitality Month

Hospitality Month is about promoting the importance of tourism to the economic well being of Bermuda residents, while celebrating individuals and organisations who represent the best of the island's hospitality industry. It’s also a perfect time to create awareness of tourism and hospitality careers to students while introducing and promoting the national tourism plan to the community.

From April 1 – 30, there will be activities for all ages to be enjoyed by residents. Come and experience the wonder of Whale Watching, Waterside Painting, the Art of Blending Fragrances and much more!

This year’s theme is the Five Senses.

  • Sight
  • Sound
  • Taste
  • Touch
  • Smell

Hospitality Month is all about the “local involvement” because tourism in Bermuda can only grow through and with the support of its residents. Visitors to the island cite interactions with locals as one of the best parts of their trip. Offering opportunities for residents to be able to explore the many attractions Bermuda has to offer provides knowledge to share with our guest.

Please join us in a fun-filled month full of adventures for you to experience.

  • Wine with a View
  • Over Whale-Ming Sounds
  • Spokin’ Around
  • Paint the Town Bermuda
  • Bermuda Scent-Sations

2019 Student Video Competition

We are on the search for the most unique hospitality job in Bermuda. The Bermuda Tourism Authority is excited to present the 2019 “A Day in the life of… Student Video Competition. The contest challenges M3 and High School students from across Bermuda to create a short video highlighting the most unique tourism job.

This year’s Hospitality Month theme is “The 5 Senses”. Students will be tasked to showcase how their unique hospitality job can excite a visitor’s senses.

  • Taste
  • Sound
  • Smell
  • Sight
  • Touch

Eligibility & Rules 

  • Students must currently, at the date of competition, be in either M3 or High School
  • Must showcase the most unique hospitality job
  • Must reflect at least one of the 5 senses
  • Must be a group entry – No more than 3 students to a group
  • The video must be no more than 5 minutes
  • Internet Links to Video (vimeo, youtube, etc.)

Submission Deadlines and Information:

  • 11 March – Submissions Open
  • 16 April – Submissions Close
  • 30 April – Winners Announced

“The winner(s) will receive a hospitality adventure sponsored by K.S. Watersports”.

For more information and to apply, click here.

Tourism Appreciation

Tourism Appreciation in Bermuda is an ongoing awareness campaign created to build national pride, highlight cultural uniqueness and celebrate tourism in Bermuda.

The recent tourism appreciation video campaign titled “What I love about Bermuda” documents residents and visitors expressing what they love about Bermuda.

The Bermuda Tourism Authority went one step further to encourage social media engagement and promote tourism appreciation on Facebook. You can visit our Facebook page to see how we appreciate Bermuda and increase the public’s awareness of Bermuda’s mystique. In order to receive timely updates on tourism appreciation in Bermuda you can view our managed hashtag #lovemybermuda which is shown below.

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