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BTA Plus and BTA Education Logos

BTA+ is a subsidiary online learning platform launched by the Bermuda Tourism Authority that delivers industry-related training and educational lessons to inspire individuals, businesses, and partners with the purpose of strengthening our island’s reputation as a destination of choice. With a new outlook on learning, we aim to provide engaging, interactive, and informative courses that will assist in developing a knowledgeable workforce.

Our Vision

To be a cutting-edge learning space that aids individuals and businesses in their crusade to provide exceptional experiences for visitors and residents alike.

Our Purpose

Our principal objective is to provide appropriate tourism and hospitality education and training by:

  • Attracting Talent to the Industry: Focus on our collaborations with stakeholders by showcasing opportunities for training, tourism and hospitality education and the many careers available.
  • Producing Well-Rounded Ambassadors for Bermuda: Focus on identifying, crafting, elevating, and nurturing our unique identity by creating industry standards by Bermudians for Bermudians.
  • Developing People Capabilities Through Career Development: Focus on developing skill-based trainings and knowledge-based education as it will be crucial to a growing industry workforce.

Find out how you can align your business vision with the BTA’s overall tourism strategy and get financial and marketing support in the process.

The Bermuda Tourism Authority developed the Bermuda Hospitality Service Standards Certification to support businesses in providing quality services, improving competitive advantage, and creating value within our island. 

If you’re curious about Bermuda Tourism and what Bermuda Tourism Authority (BTA) does to promote Bermuda, our Lunch and Learn sessions are perfect for you. Over the course of 2023 BTA will offer several sessions that will give you insight into various topics and equip you with the knowledge you need to tackle Bermuda’s tourism industry.



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