BTA Divisions


The Experience Team is responsible for ensuring that all guests of Bermuda enjoy their visit to the island. This team works with hospitality partners and the tourism sector to make sure visitors have the best experience possible. The team helps create customised travel packages, hosts special events and activities, works in conjunction with sales and marketing on initiatives to promote tourism in the island, coordinates local media and communications activities, and works with tour operators, travel agents, and other external partners. In addition, the team works to make sure Bermuda remains a safe and enjoyable destination.

Marketing, PR & Communications

The Marketing, PR, and Communications Team creates, manages, and oversees all marketing, communications, public relations, advertising, and promotional activities for Bermuda's tourism sector. The team works with local, regional, and international public relations, advertising, and media relations agencies to effectively promote Bermuda's travel and hospitality industry.  The team is also responsible for driving growth and building relationships with existing and potential visitors. Additionally, the team assists in product development, identifying trends in tourism, and cultivating relationships with strategic partners and key industry contacts. Finally, the team develops communications materials to further raise Bermuda's visibility among its targeted demographics.


The Sales and Business Development Team targets both domestic and international customers, reaching out to current and potential partners such as tour operators, meeting planners, and large corporate and association clients. To ensure tourism revenue is raised, the Sales team executes comprehensive marketing campaigns to draw in new customers, encourage travel during the off-season, and organizes promotions to highlight specific aspects the island. The Sales team is also actively engaged in the planning of various events such as conferences and tradeshows to generate further exposure and additional business opportunities. To support the growth of local business and employment in the industry, the Sales team partners with various vendors and organisations that align with the local economy and encourage a local purchasing approach. Overall, the Sales team works diligently to provide more profitable business opportunities, promote economic development in the area, and ultimately bring more visitors to the island.


The Operations Team ensures the smooth daily operation of the BTA, overseeing human resources, finance, real-estate management, legal and contracting matters. It also manages Visitor Services Centres, tourism standards and training programmes, and Public Access to Information (PATI).

This team also ensures the Bermuda Tourism Authority is well informed and responsive to its market. They provide consumer demand and behaviour research and intelligence to enable both the BTA’s Experience and Sales & Marketing teams to better develop strategically targeted plans. The unit collects and communicates data and tourism industry intelligence to internal departments and external parties, and maintains historical tourism data. It also oversees BTA’s CRM, research and analysis, and is responsible for IT infrastructure in Bermuda and New York offices, systems deployment and training, and PIPA compliance.



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