BTA Divisions


Marketing, PR & Communications

The Marketing, PR & Communications Division focuses on Bermuda’s marketing activities to raise awareness of and demand for Bermuda as a destination. It is the guardian and messenger of the Bermuda brand. This division looks for the most cost effective and efficient means to deliver Bermuda's brand message to the identified markets, encouraging them to travel to Bermuda.


The Sales team works to raise hotel occupancies and overall tourism revenue, reduce seasonality and thus improve employment in the industry. Efforts are focused in geographical areas with the most return on investment, and where airlift exists.


The Operations Division ensures the smooth daily operation of the BTA, overseeing human resources, finance, real-estate management, legal and contracting matters. It also manages Visitor Services Centres, tourism standards and training programmes, and Public Access to Information (PATI).

This division also ensures the Bermuda Tourism Authority is well informed and responsive to its market. They provide consumer demand and behaviour research and intelligence to enable both the BTA’s Experience and Sales & Marketing teams to better develop strategically targeted plans. The unit collects and communicates data and tourism industry intelligence to internal departments and external parties, and maintains historical tourism data. It also oversees BTA’s CRM, research and analysis, and is responsible for IT infrastructure in Bermuda and New York offices, systems deployment and training, and PIPA compliance.



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