Have a look at a collection of public presentations, speeches and information papers that are relevant to the Bermuda tourism industry. For content exclusive to tourism stakeholders, visit BTAConnect.

Experience Investment Webinar

Interested in the Tourism Experiences Investment Process? This webinar will get you ready for the latest application process which is open September 3 to September 30, 2021.


Accessibility Awareness

All Access Pass to Service Excellence. Learn about our Accessibility Awareness Training Workshop and Accessibility Initiatives.


Experience Investment Webinar

Interested in the Tourism Experiences Investment Process? This workshop will get you ready for the latest application process which is open March 1 to March 15, 2021.


Tourism Industry Outlook Forum

The Bermuda Tourism Authority hosted the third annual Outlook Forum via webinar on February 19, 2021. The forum examined the hard truths and silver linings of the previous twelve months, and laid out the strategic priorities guiding the steps to recovery, and considered the 2021 outlook for Bermuda Tourism.


Tourism Forum Roundtable

The Bermuda Tourism Authority hosted the third annual Outlook Forum via webinar on February 19, 2021. The forum included a roundtable discussion with a robust collection of tourism industry decision makers.


Covid-19 Webinar

The Bermuda Tourism Authority hosted a free webinar which provided information on Bermuda residents’ access to COVID-19 testing before they return home and new testing provisions in Bermuda for visitors and residents departing the island for the US, UK or Canada.


SailGP 2021

Hear about the job and local business opportunities during and in the lead-up to Bermuda Grand Prix, the Season 2 start of SailGP taking place in the Great Sound April 24 and 25, 2021.


Superyachts Welcomed

In a COVID-safe environment, Bermuda has new policies that are more welcoming to superyachts, including permits allowing these vessels to cruise and charter out here.


Culinary Experiences

Reimagining food tourism in Bermuda and getting on track for a bigger, bolder Restaurant Weeks in 2020.


Cultural Experiences & Food Tourism

Have a look at the diverse cultural experiences and food tourism events on the horizon out here in Bermuda, starting in the fall of 2019 through warm winter in 2020.


Sports Tourism Strategy for Bermuda

At a public forum, the Bermuda Tourism Authority offered up data-driven strategies to mix sports and tourism together for the economic benefit of the island. Also see explanation guide.


Saks Fifth Avenue Partnership

Bermuda partnered with upscale retailer Saks Fifth Avenue from March 7-20, inviting urban dwellers to discover the enchantment and mystery of the island.


Tourism Industry Outlook 2019

The Bermuda Tourism Authority and the Ministry of Tourism & Transport provide stakeholders with insight and analysis for the year ahead.


Bermuda Tourism Year-end Statistical Highlights

Year-end visitor arrival statistics for 2018 confirm three straight years of economic comeback and uninterrupted growth for the island’s tourism trade.


Vacation Rental Working Group

The first session of a Vacation Rental Working Group, convened to deliver on the relevant strategies of the Bermuda National Tourism Plan.


Q3 2018 Visitor Report

Bermuda’s tourism industry is on pace to have its second consecutive year of record visitor arrivals.


Q2 2018 Visitor Report

The Bermuda tourism industry’s growth trajectory continued through its tenth consecutive quarter, with both leisure air visitor spending and arrivals up solidly.


Pop-Up Concessions for Shelly Bay

The Government of Bermuda has backed the 2016 Bermuda Tourism Authority Beach Economy Vision for Shelly Bay Beach which can create new opportunities for Bermudian entrepreneurs, while improving the beach experience for visitors and locals. See the full plan below, the Shelly Bay Pilot begins on slide 20.


Superyacht Tourism

After extensive public consultation and market research, the Government of Bermuda and the Bermuda Tourism Authority begin public engagement around proposed legislative and policy changes to create a vibrant superyacht tourism niche in Bermuda.


Visitor Arrivals 2017

Bermuda’s tourism industry achieved its most impressive performance in a decade last year with the number of leisure air visitors and the money they spent on-island surging to double-digit percentage growth


Premier Burt Tourism Speeches

In November 2017, the Bermuda Tourism Authority invited Premier E. David Burt to make two addresses to important industry audiences. The prepared remarks are available here.

Caribbean Hotel Investment Conference & Operations Summit Welcome Address


Q3 2017

Healthy gains in visitor spending headlines a strong third quarter for the Bermuda tourism industry. Our CEO Kevin Dallas presents data and analysis.


Tourism Experiences

The Bermuda Tourism Authority Product & Experiences team prepares entrepreneurs for the Tourism Experiences Investment Program. Presentations were made August 31st and September 1st, 2017.


Digging into Q2 2017 Tourism Data

Bermuda Tourism Authority CEO Kevin Dallas explained the key data points his team is watching after all the numbers are in for the first half of 2017, which includes the 35th America's Cup. Review the August 10th presentation given to a roundtable of local media.


Securing a Superyacht Tourism Future for Bermuda

On June 21, 2017, Bermuda Tourism Authority CEO Kevin Dallas presented a Superyacht Intelligence Agency report on superyacht tourism in Bermuda and the steps necessary to secure this sector as a legacy to the 35th America's Cup. The presentation took place at Moresby House, Dockyard.


The America's Cup Visitor Experience

All the information you need about the America’s Cup to engage visitors in a meaningful way. Not only do we have the ins and outs of the greatest sailing race in the world, but also the events and experiences around Bermuda visitors should try when the racing action is on pause.  Have a look and you’ll be completely ready for the excitement of May and June.


Vacation Rental Information FAQ's 


Opportunity for Bermudians in Vacation Rental Industry

The Bermuda Tourism Authority details the vacation rental opportunity available to Bermudian homeowners.


Vacation Rental Tips for Experienced Users

Airbnb offers tricks of the trade for property owners who have already gotten their feet wet in the vacation rental space.


Vacation Rental Basics for First Timers

Airbnb walks through some useful steps for those who have just entered or are now considering the vacation rental market.


Sports & Adventure Tourism 2017

At a presentation to Hamilton Rotarians, the BTA’s Chief Product and Experiences Development Officer Pat Phillip-Fairn explained how the island’s appeal as a sports training destination has grown significantly in the past 18 months and how stakeholders can position themselves to cater to this audience.


TripAdvisor on How to Engage with Travellers

Carol Johnson, destination sales manager for TripAdvisor, presents to Bermuda tourism industry stakeholders on best practices for engaging with travellers on the most influential travel website in the world. This presentation took place May 12, 2016 at the Bermuda Chamber of Commerce and was hosted by the Bermuda Tourism Authority.


Preparing for America's Cup Visitors

Glenn Jones, of the Bermuda Tourism Authority, explains what the tourism industry should expect on the flow of visitors during the 35th America’s Cup race calendar and the impact it will have on Bermuda’s hotel capacity, vacation rental market and cruise ship calls.


Managing Bermuda's Hotel Inventory for America’s Cup

Nina Thompson, travel manager for Travel Places, explains how her organisation is managing 40% of Bermuda's hotel inventory during the America's Cup in 2017.


Delivering on the America's Cup Host Venue Agreement

ACBDA CEO Mike Winfield discusses a variety of subjects including the management of Cross Island construction, superyacht strategies, ground transportation and security.


Planning the World's Greatest Sailing Event

Sam Hollis, COO of the America’s Cup Event Authority, gives insight on the plans taking shape to host the world’s sailing fans in Bermuda for spectacular racing, unparalleled hospitality and unprecedented media exposure.


Brand Exposure for the America's Cup

BTA Chairman David Dodwell gives a glimpse of the brand exposure the country is enjoying around the world as a result of being home to the America's Cup.


Beach Economy presentation

This short presentation offers insight into the data research and stakeholder feedback that went into creating a Beach Economy Vision for Bermuda.


Golf: Hacker’s Cup

Ann Liguori of NPR's WPPB 88.3 FM in Southampton, New York broadcasts from Bermuda during the Hacker's Cup to discuss golf, rum and the America's Cup. The Hacker's Cup introduces journalists from the United States and the United Kingdom to Bermuda's outstanding golf product. The latest Hacker's Cup took place in October 2015 and included sailors from the America's Cup competing with visiting journalists.


Visitor Spending

Visitor spending is up 7% ($3.4m) through the first six months of 2015, while air arrivals are down 2% year-to-date. Bermuda Tourism Authority CEO Bill Hanbury presents this information and other top line data on the tourism industry.


America's Cup Preliminary Schedule

The Americas Cup Event Authority has released a preliminary schedule of the racing calendar in May/June of 2017. (subject to change)


Race to Bermuda

The Bermuda Tourism Authority (BTA) is launching integrated partnerships and promotions around the world to introduce a wider audience to the island via a partnership with the 35th America's Cup 2017, presented by Louis Vuitton. The global effort, called "Race to Bermuda", started 23-26 July with the Louis Vuitton America's Cup World Series event in Portsmouth. This presentation details the BTA's activation in Portsmouth.


Enjoy Bermuda, Together

Visitors love the same things you love. Check out parts of our Enjoy Bermuda, Together radio campaign. It reminds us how cool it is for visitors and residents alike when they enjoy unique Bermuda experiences side by side.


Bermuda By Season

This useful Adventure Almanac will help you tell Bermuda’s story by season – when lobster is in season, when the whales swim, even the time of year for the glow worms. Please feel free to use it on your sales calls, on your website and everywhere you are telling the Bermuda story.


New Visitor Arrival Form

New visitor arrival forms now in use at L.F. Wade International Airport collect more detailed data from travellers and allow the Bermuda Tourism Authority (BTA) to report more accurately on industry performance. The Bermuda Tourism Authority explains the recent improvements to the visitor arrival card.


Glenn Jones on the Sherri Simmons Show

The Tourism Authority's Director of Public & Stakeholder Relations Glenn Jones was a guest on the Sherri Simmons Show on Magic 102.7 FM on June 18, 2015. He answered live questions on the radio from the public about the Bermuda tourism industry. This is a recording of Glenn’s appearance on the program.


AC 35 Tourism Industry Info Session: ACEA

America's Cup Event Authority COO Sam Hollis gives the most comprehensive briefing to date on October's World Series racing and the month-long America's Cup racing events in June 2017. He shared new information not previously released. Presentation given May 27, 2015


AC 35 Tourism Industry Info Session: BTA

Bermuda Tourism Authority Chief Sales & Marketing Officer Victoria Isley and Chief Product & Experiences Development Officer Pat Phillip-Fairn talk about BTA efforts in advance of the America's Cup. New marketing efforts are underway with video placements on Delta Airlines seatbacks and print coverage in Du Jour Magazine.


AC 35 Tourism Industry Info Session: Q & A

A panel discussion for the Bermuda hospitality industry regarding the upcoming America's Cup, including World Series racing this October and AC35 in June of 2017. America's Cup Event Authority, ACBDA and the Bermuda Tourism Authority are represented on the panel. Topics covered include race watching on the water, hotel room allocations, legacy benefits and the 2017 sailing calendar. Glenn Jones of the BTA moderates.


Setting the Table for Growth

Along with political leaders, Tourism Authority CEO Bill Hanbury has been making the case that the Bermuda tourism industry is the best positioned for growth and job creation in the near term.  This short video is a supplement to Mr. Hanbury'sopinion piece first published on Wednesday, February 25, 2015.


BTA Panel on "Let's Talk"

Bermuda Broadcasting Company journalist Gary Moreno hosted a panel from the Bermuda Tourism Authority on the public affairs program “Let’s Talk” on April 13, 2015, to discuss the local tourism industry. The panelists were: Bill Hanbury, CEO; Pat Phillip-Fairn, Chief Product & Experiences Development Officer and Karla Lacey, COO. Audio file, provided in two parts, is courtesy of Bermuda Broadcasting Company.



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