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Review business intelligence reports and other pertinent information related to the Bermuda tourism industry on a variety of subjects.

Longwoods International ROI Study

The Bermuda Tourism Authority’s advertising in key international markets during 2016 were found to deliver a significant return on investment (ROI) according to a recent study conducted by Longwoods International, an independent research firm specialising in tourism advertising performance. 

According to the Longwoods study, more than $17 million was spent on-island as a direct result of the $1.3 million advertising program under review. The visitor spending was generated from more than 24,500 travellers, who would not have chosen Bermuda otherwise. 

Bermuda's Vacation Rental Market

A months-long study of the island’s vacation rental market has been completed and the findings are published in a Bermuda Tourism Authority (BTA) report called Bermuda Accommodations: The Vacation Rental Property Market. There is also a review of international trends in the vacation rental space along with the BTA’s recommendations to government for the future of this visitor accommodation sector in Bermuda.  An executive summary of the report, condensing the main findings, is also available. The government is expected to review the BTA’s recommendations and decide what, if any, action to take next.  If you would like to offer feedback on the report you can do so by using the BTA’s Contact Us page.

Report on Group Travel

Group travel has a tremendous impact on the performance of the entire Bermuda tourism industry and collaboration among stakeholders is required to achieve success. In this four-page information paper the Bermuda Tourism Authority educates stakeholders on the status of the group travel market and outlines a strategy for stimulating growth going forward.

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