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Find balance with a blend of island vibes. Mix your weekend itinerary up with adventure thrills that are contrasted against moments of total serenity.

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Three friends are playing pool on the beach.


Friday night happy hours across Hamilton offer the perfect vibe to kick off your vacation. If you want to experience a buzzing atmosphere with a DJ and plenty on the menu to quench your thirst, try Marina nights at Hamilton Princess, or head to Astwood Arms and get a seat of the porch to people-watch as locals and visitors wander down Front Street. If you are looking for something a little quieter and more reserved, you can head to The Cloud for some classic and Bermuda-inspired cocktails.  

A group of people are standing outside of a bar.

One of the best ways to enjoy Happy Hour is on the ÜberVida! You will enjoy amazing views of the island as you cruise around the Great Sound sipping on some Bermuda rum or beverage of your choice from the bar. 

From here, the night is yours and you can let the evening take control. You will likely end up speaking to some locals who will share where the action is at. Take a walk down Front Street and check out the bars, you will come across a few hot spots including Pickled Onion, The Terrace, Front Yard and later in the evening, Karma


The first thing you will see as you land in Bermuda is the crystal clear, turquoise waters and reefs that surround Bermuda. You absolutely must spend time on, in and under the ocean.  

For an adventure: Feel total exhilaration by learning to control a kite and ripping through the waves with kitesurfing lessons. Try freediving and explore our coral reefs with a strong breath hold, or rip around the island on a jet ski tour. If you want to adventure into the deep you can pull in the big haul of local fish like blackfin and yellowfin tuna, wahoo, snapper and much more. If you’re lucky you also might catch sight of a pod of wild dolphins.  

A family is on the beach with a boat floating in the distance.

To chill: For a slower pace, you can rent your own boat from KS Watersport and find your own little islands and coves to anchor up and relax. Make sure you fill your cooler with a picnic and plenty of drinks beforehand and pack your snorkelling gear. 


Find your way around the island with one of Bermuda’s many electric vehicles. Current Vehicles offers Twizy cars, which are small but comfortable for Bermuda’s windy roads, or if you would prefer some light exercise, Pink bicycles can be found all across the island to rent via an app.  

A twizy is on the grass by the calm blue ocean.

Head to the East end of the island, where you can find a nice mix between adventure and total relaxation. Take a hike through Walsingham Nature reserves where you will stumble upon limestone caves that you can swim in, trails that will take you around the reserve and the breathtaking Blue Hole, where you try your hand at cliff jumping (if you dare). 

A view of Tom Moores Jungle with a viewing deck overlooking lush greenery and a blue seapool.

Continue on to St. George’s, where you can wander the small alleys and pick up Bermuda keepsakes at boutique shops and businesses. Find the Unfinished Church and Fort St. Catherine’s for some history, interesting architecture and amazing views. If you want to make the most of your time in the UNESCO World Heritage town, make sure you book a tour with Long Story Short.  


A trip to Bermuda isn’t complete without a few staple dishes and drinks. To start, at Happy Hour you will want to try our Bermuda Dark Rum, which is best served in one of our classic cocktails the Rum Swizzle or the Dark ‘n Stormy. 

Bermuda also has a couple of noteworthy craft breweries that serve a range of IPAs, ales, ciders, and more. You can visit Bermuda Craft Brewery in Devonshire and enjoy your beer right there on the premises, or you can go to Frog and Onion to try Dockyard Brewing Co. ales and beers. Try a flight of 4 to try a variety of brews and then pick your favourite! 

Bermuda Craft Brewing beer entry.
An outside view of a Brewing Company courtyard.

Two words – Fish Sandwich. We know, the combination of raisin bread, fried fish, tartar sauce, cheese, coleslaw and hot sauce sounds weird, but trust us, this combo of flavours come together for an ‘oh wow’ moment. Popular places to find the locals chowing down on their sandwiches are Woody’s Sports Bar and Seaside Grill

A close up of a fish sandwich with a marina and building in the background.

The traditional Sunday codfish breakfast can be found at many mom-and-pop eateries, and you should make sure to get in line to get yours before you head out. Again, a mixture of flavours is going to grab you by surprise and have you wondering who put these random ingredients together – because you will want to thank them! Grab a takeaway breakfast from Grannies and walk to Ducking Stool Park to sit on the rocks looking out at the ocean while enjoying your Bermudian breakfast.

  • Codfish 
  • Boiled potatoes 
  • Tomato or butter and onion sauce 
  • Avocado 
  • Banana 
  • Cornbread or Jonny bread 

The moment you land in Bermuda you will feel the energy take control. It’s Friday evening and the Happy Hours are vibrant with locals who are looking to free up for the weekend. 

Turn off your email notifications and find your happy place. You are about to find the laid-back island way of life in this little slice of paradise.



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