The Marion To Bermuda Cruising Yacht Race

Sailors encounter blue water thrills as they sail from Buzzard’s Bay in Marion, Massachusetts to St. David’s Head in Bermuda. The 645 nautical-mile journey features more than 100 yachts taking on rough open ocean for chance at glory.

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The Marion to Bermuda Cruising Yacht Race maintains its original Corinthian spirit, inviting all yachts and crew to participate for the pure pleasure of sailing, competition and camaraderie.  The next race will be held in June 2023, marking the 24th run over 45 years.

About the Race

The Marion to Bermuda race was the brainstorm of two old yachting buddies who, in 1977, invited their sailing friends and family to race to Bermuda using only celestial navigation. Today, the yachts are longer and electronic navigation is allowed, but there is still a special place for those who enjoy the challenge of navigating by the sun, moon and stars. The Marion to Bermuda race is the only ocean race in North America that offers a celestial class.

For the 2015 race, a goal was to increase participation by younger sailors and a Youth Trophy was offered. Yachts carrying at least four sailors between ages 16 and 23 are eligable to qualify for the trophy. Learn more about youth sailing on Marion to Bermuda's website.

The Perfect Time to Sail to Bermuda

With blue skies, lush greenery and ideal temperatures, June is a spectacular time to visit Bermuda. You'll find a full range of accommodations, from luxurious hotels and oceanside resorts to inns, cottages and more. See requirements for entering Bermuda by private vessel.

Sponsors of the race are the Beverly Yacht Club in Marion, Massachusetts, the Royal Hamilton Amateur Dinghy Club, Paget, Bermuda, and the Blue Water Sailing Club of Boston. For more race information, visit



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