Annapolis To Bermuda Ocean Race

Annapolis to Bermuda Ocean Race


June 7, 2024 until June 10, 2024
Recurring daily


Royal Hamilton Amateur Dinghy Club
25 Pomander Rd. 25 Pomander Rd.
Paget PGO5



About Annapolis to Bermuda Ocean Race

The Annapolis Bermuda Ocean Race is an event like none other! The 753 mile race provides a unique combination of inshore and offshore racing through its route down the Chesapeake Bay, across the Gulf Stream, and onto Bermuda. The race, held bi-annually, is technically challenging, physically taxing, and alternatively boisterous and serene. It is not just a boat race, it is an aspirational event that enables many sailors to fulfill a lifelong ambition: a blue water passage to a coral island with pink sandy beaches and legendary hospitality.



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