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Warwick Long Bay: Bermuda's Longest Beach

Known for turquoise blue waters, semi-submerged rock formations and large expanses of sandy beach, Warwick Long Bay was made for beach lovers.

Warwick Bay in Bermuda's South Shore

Warwick Long Bay

Untamed and unspoiled Warwick Long Bay curls along half a mile of Bermuda’s dramatic South Shore. Soft, pink-hued sand and clear water come standard here, but there’s an added ruggedness that raises the level of wild beauty.

On a calm day, the snorkelling is excellent, with schools of bright blue parrotfish drawn to coral reefs just 60 metres from the shoreline.

But when the westerly wind kicks up, there are few natural barriers and the crashing surf, occasional undertow and comparatively steep drop-off at the beach line can make swimming a little tricky. Even strong swimmers should use caution.

The azure waters of Warwick Long Bay


A backdrop of scrubland, grape and cedar trees, low grasses and shallow dunes spliced by walking trails offers opportunities for easy adventure. Warwick Long Bay is a popular spot for early morning swimmers, local walkers, joggers and horseback riders.


The varied natural environment also provides a degree of relative privacy for sunbathers. It's a great spot to enjoy a little solitude along with Bermuda's famous pink sand. The mystical pale pink hue comes from tiny fragments of shells and coral. It’s best seen at twilight, and Warwick Long Bay is one the best spots on the island to enjoy it.

It also happens to be the best beach in Bermuda for a lingering moonlight stroll with a loved one.  


There are no changing facilities or showers but there are bathrooms at the car park, where in summer you’ll also find concession stands selling snacks and renting beach gear (snorkel and flippers etc.). Once on the beach you’re on your own, so be sure to take plenty of water.


Warwick Long Bay is roughly 20 minutes from Hamilton by bus; take the No.7 heading toward Dockyard. If you're coming from Dockyard, the ride takes about 40 minutes, also on the No.7 bus.

Accessing the beach is easy. The main western entrance is just off the main road, South Shore Road. Just a few steps takes you down to the beach. If you swing a right, a sandy trail leads to Jobson’s Cove, a small and sheltered spot five minutes away – a wonderful secluded spot for swimming with toddlers in gentle waters. Continuing west, more beautiful little bays lead all the way to Horseshoe Bay Beach, which has fuller facilities and more people.