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6 Ways to Cool Off in Bermuda During the Summer

Bermuda is a chill place, even during the busy summer season. The island never gets too hot, with average summer temperatures hovering in the mid- to low-80s Fahrenheit. It’s just one thing that makes a summer getaway to Bermuda so enticing. But when you're ready to get out of the sunshine, here are a few sure-fire ways to cool off.

1 Jump In The Ocean

Cliff jumping in Bermuda

Cliff jumping is popular in Bermuda

Sure, you could wade into Bermuda’s gentle turquoise waters. But a big chill – and a serious adrenaline rush – will come much faster if you take a running jump off of a coastal cliff. That’s exactly what adventurers do every summer at spots like Admiralty House Park, which Men’s Journal recently singled out as one of the "Most Adventurous Beaches in the World." After you’ve taken the plunge, swim into one of the park’s hidden caves, dug out by the British military in the 1800s.

2 Order Two Scoops at Bailey’s Bay Ice Cream Parlour

Bailey's Bay Ice Cream Parlour

Look for the pastel green cottage on Blue Hole Hill in Hamilton Parish. Once you’ve found it, you’re about to experience summer bliss in a cone or cup. Bailey’s Bay Ice Cream Parlour serves some of the tastiest frozen treats in Bermuda, including such island-inspired favourites as rum raisin, Bermuda banana and the delicious Dark ‘n Stormy, based on Bermuda’s signature cocktail.

3 Go Underground

Crystal Caves Bermuda

Go underground to explore the Crystal Caves

Kids discovered Bermuda’s Crystal Caves back in the early 1900s, but the caves themselves have been 30 million years in the making. When you descend 120 feet (36 meters) into this otherworldly – and pleasantly chilly – underground wonderland, you’ll see incredible stalactites and stalagmites plus a crystal-clear (hence the caves’ name) underground lake.

Bermuda's Crystal Caves have been 30 million years in the making.

Don’t miss another only-in-Bermuda subterranean experience – the Grotto Bay Beach Resort's Natura Spa is located in an ancient underground cave, where treatments are provided inside cabanas that float on a lake surrounded by stalactites and stalagmites.

4 Find Snow In Summer

It doesn’t snow in Bermuda, but the island does have snowballs. From June through September, you’ll see carts and roadside stands all over the island (usually not too far from the beach) selling the delicious crushed-ice-and-syrup confections. Your snowball options are generally fruity – cherry, raspberry, strawberry – but a local favourite known as “Roun De World” mixes up a rainbow of flavours with a dash of ginger beer.

5 Lose Yourself in the Bermuda Arboretum

Bermuda Arboretum

Explore the Bermuda Arboretum's walking trails

You’ll have it made in the shade as you wander this lush and leafy 22-acre national park in the heart of Devonshire Parish. The Bermuda Arboretum is home to a collection of trees unique to the island, including the fragrant Bermuda Cedar. It’s the perfect place for an afternoon picnic and stroll.

6 Take A Sunset Cocktail Cruise

Newstead Bermuds sunset

Experience Bermuda's sunset from the water

Feel the warm ocean breeze as you set out on the Great Sound of Bermuda aboard an Über Vida Celebration Yacht. Every Friday, these happy hour cruises offer signature cocktails, a DJ spinning mellow beats, a friendly vibe and one of the greatest sunsets you’ll ever witness.