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About the Designation

The Bermuda Tourism Authority (BTA) developed the Bermuda Hospitality Service Standards Certification, formerly known as the National Service Standards Programme, to support businesses in providing quality services, improving competitive advantage, and creating value within our island. 

Your business is unique. It has its own character, corporate values, and way of conducting business. Its success relies upon continuous improvement, delivering a great product, and providing unforgettable service. With our impartial, total quality management solutions tool that forms industry service standards demanded by visitors for our industry professionals, we obtain independent assessments of your business from highly trained mystery shoppers locally and internationally that provides the benchmark of how your business compares to others.

Become Certified 

Bermuda Hospitality Service Standards has been designed to focus attention on the overall customer journey which is combining processes with experiences. It provokes the businesses to look beyond routines and find ways to “Unleash Unbelievable Experiences” by creating unique and delightful encounters.


Our objective is to provide Bermuda with a reliable, impactful and set-apart tool that supports our stakeholders in backing the BTA’s overall goals of:

  • Attracting more visitors to Bermuda 
  • Enhancing the total quality experience throughout the tourism value chain 
  • Upholding industry standards demanded by visitors
  • Increasing visitor spending on island
  • Promoting Bermuda as an authentic destination
  • Encouraging businesses to continuously enhance the quality of services, products, standards, and experiences
  • Building pride and creating sustainable tourism jobs 
  • Reducing seasonality


Top 3 Benefits to your business

  1. Receive priority listing on, the BTA’s official webpage
  2. Promotional benefits locally and internationally (Press Releases, Sales Conferences, Influencers, etc.)
  3. Drive Employee Engagement through a shared vision

Top 3 Benefits to the visitor

  1. Our symbol acts as a clear, recognisable indicator that this business provides a reliable and consistent level of service to all
  2. Visitors know that participating businesses are serious about their guests and their expectations
  3. Our standards are based on known characteristics that visitors expect when visiting a destination. We are welcoming, engaging, we deliver, promote and hold ourselves accountable.

Top 3 Benefits to the Industry

  1. Creates a consistent and measurable level of service throughout the industry
  2. Reinforces that Bermuda is impactful, diverse and set-apart from other destinations
  3. Allows participants to be equal partners in the drive to increase tourism in Bermuda


BTA+ is a subsidiary online learning platform for the Bermuda Tourism Authority that delivers industry-related training and educational lessons to inspire individuals, businesses, and partners with the purpose of strengthening our island’s reputation as a destination of choice.

If you’re curious about Bermuda Tourism and what Bermuda Tourism Authority (BTA) does to promote Bermuda, our Lunch and Learn sessions are perfect for you. Over the course of 2023 BTA will offer several sessions that will give you insight into various topics and equip you with the knowledge you need to tackle Bermuda’s tourism industry.

Find out how you can align your business vision with the BTA’s overall tourism strategy and get financial and marketing support in the process.



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