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Accessibility Awareness: All Access Pass to Service Excellence

National Tourism Plan

Infrastructure the Opportunity: The Infrastructure Chapter of the National Tourism Plan is clear about where we want to go as a destination: By 2025, Bermuda will offer frictionless experiences from arrival through departure in a way that not only satisfies visitors but adds to their positive experience of our country. This statement aims to be true for all visitors, including those with a disability. If this is a statement you can believe in, the training on this page is designed for you.

Accessibility Working Group

In 2019, an accessibility working group was convened to deliver on frictionless experiences for travellers with disabilities. The group is focused on outcomes that afforded a barrier-free and enjoyable experience that is accessible to all persons, including those with a guide dog, wheelchair or other remedial appliances or devices; as well as those with visual or hearing impediments.

The important work mentioned above must be matched with an equal effort on the customer service side of the equation with sensitivity training.


This session will enable participants to:

  • Define types of disabilities and identify barriers faced by individuals
  • Identify how accessibility impacts people with a disability
  • Identify ways to remove barriers and blind spots that diminish service quality
  • Describe strategies to assist clients to access goods, services and/or facilities
  • Identify ways to provide excellent customer service and evoke dignity


In a world where diversity and inclusion is increasingly important, it is vital that we increase our knowledge of ways to consistently provide equal access and opportunity to individuals with a disability, while delivering outstanding customer service at the same time. This will help to differentiate Bermuda from other destinations.

Using relevant information and best practice strategies, this training seeks to enhance an individual’s level of awareness and inspire confidence to deliver an elevated level of customer service and create memorable experiences for all residents and visitors.


Classes will start in the new year. If interested, email [email protected] to get put on the waiting list.

If anyone would like to have an in-house training session and can provide a safe social-distance space, please email us at [email protected].


Training Fee: $65 which includes class fee and Certificate of Completion

Our Community

Please have a look at the videos below showcasing our own heroes in Bermuda who live with a disability everyday and how much they can benefit from you taking the first step and completing this training.

Mobility Impairment

Deaf & Hard-of-Hearing Impairment 

Blind & Vision Impairment

Community Partners

OBMI is a global master planning, architecture and design firm.

OBMI is a global master planning, architecture and design firm, with a rich history of shaping the architectural landscape of Bermuda. Established in 1936, the OBMI approach is inclusive and transparent. We believe that building relationships with our clients is the foundation of a successful project.

Equally important to OBMI is enhanced accessibility for those with physical challenges. For decades, OBMI has demonstrated its obligation to this pillar by designing fully accessible facilities. Our efforts have been recognized by the Ministry of Health with the Built Environment Access Award, presented to organizations working towards a more accessible Bermuda.

OBMI was also the recipient of the Bermuda Building Design Awards for designing a fully accessible home and in-house physical therapy room for a paraplegic client.

Given the parallel commitment with those outlined in the National Tourism Plan, OBMI Bermuda is proud to collaborate with the Bermuda Tourism Authority (BTA) in their efforts to promote and grow accessibility awareness across the island.

To find out more about Accessible Solutions, visit  Let’s all do our part in designing a barrier-free Bermuda!

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