Live, Shop and Play Like a Local!

five women with backpacks window shopping

Savvy travellers know that the key to a great vacation is insight from the folks who live, shop, and play there every day – the locals. That’s why the Bermuda Tourism Authority is excited to bring insider tips on local spaces, places and things directly to our visitors.

We Will Shine a Spotlight on Your Business 

Your business products and services are beloved by locals, and our visitors are keen to experience your uniquely Bermudian offers. Our database comprises of hospitality stakeholders, influencers, media, and visitors. Every quarter we will:

  • Select a theme that aligns with our strategic goals
  • Pull together local businesses that speak to the theme choice
  • Produce an email newsletter with those businesses to be distributed to our database
  • Post ‘Live, Play, Shop like a Local’ highlights on our social media channels

We look forward to bringing our partners a new and fun way to promote their business and offers.

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