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The Non-Mariners Race

Bermuda takes its legacy of sailing quite seriously – except, that is, on one summer day each year. The Non-Mariners Race flips sailing conventions upside-down for the sake of humour and entertainment. The next non-race will be held in early August 2018.

The annual Non-Mariners Race at Mangrove Bay in Sandys Parish is Bermuda's most unconventional sailing event. It's traditionally held right after Cup Match, the island-wide celebration centered on a heated cricket rivalry. When the year’s Cup Match champion has been crowned, Bermudians take sailing in the opposite direction: the goal of the Non-Mariners Race is to lose in the most spectacular fashion possible.

Sink & Win

So what happens during this only-in-Bermuda event? Practically every boat registered on the island anchors out on Mangrove Bay to witness a “non-race” of barely seaworthy vessels slapped together with creativity, whimsy and more than a few elements of surprise. Everything, sometimes even the kitchen sink, is fair game for constructing the Non-Mariner boats – you’ll see sights you’ve never seen (and likely won't see again).

The winner of the race is the boat that sinks fastest, a true “non race.” While boats are sinking, Bermuda’s quirky and creative sense of humour rises to the surface. "Anything goes" is the rule of the day.

The goal of the Non-Mariners Race is to lose in the most spectacular fashion possible.

See the Race

Want to get on the water and experience this spectacle for yourself? Get tickets for Über Vida’s cruise. On race day, Über Vida’s slick yacht departs at 10 am from Front Street in the City of Hamilton and cruises up to the calm waters of Mangrove Bay, arriving early to better jockey for a central spot in the raft up, where you can see all the action.

Making the deal even sweeter, you’ll enjoy an open bar, all-day catering, international DJs and some of the most fun people you’ll ever meet. 

Want to compete in the race? Visit the website of the event sponsor, Sandys Boat Club, to get registration details. Who knows – you could be the greatest non-mariner of them all!