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Mon : 10 am – Sunset

Clearwater Beach, St. David's



About HydroBike Bermuda

Ride a bike right onto the water with rentals from HydroBike Bermuda. These stable, fun-to-ride watercrafts have twin pontoons and a pedal-driven propeller, making it as easy to cruise the coastline as it is the sidewalk. The hydrobikes have built-in coolers, storage areas and two beverage holders, so you can pack a picnic and pedal to a secluded beach. HydroBike Bermuda also rents pedal boats with room for two adults and two kids. Find HydroBike Bermuda at Clearwater Beach in St. David's. Hydrobikes - $25 per hour Paddle Boats (seat 2 adults and 2 children) - $40 per hour OR $25 for a 1/2 hour Eclipses - $25 per hour Crystal Clear Kayaks (Double Seater) - $40 per hour Crystal Clear Kayaks (Single Seater) - $25 per hour

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