Bermuda Is Open For Business Following Hurricane Fiona

Last updated: September 23, 2022 at 5:45pm ADT

Less than 12 hours after the storm passed to the west of Bermuda, the island’s airport, hotels and restaurants are up and running, welcoming visitors.

BERMUDA (Sept. 23, 2022) – Yesterday evening into early morning, Hurricane Fiona, a category 4 hurricane, passed roughly 75 miles to the west of Bermuda, giving the island a healthy dose of wind and rain. In addition to being well prepared, Bermudians have dealt with weather events of this magnitude for more than four centuries, as a result there has been minimal disruption to the island’s infrastructure. With clean-up already underway, Bermuda has now reopened for business.

The L.F. Wade International Airport (BDA), as well as the causeway (the main road serving the airport), both reopened today, September 23. All Bermuda Visitor Services Centres will reopen on Saturday, September 24, and ferry service throughout the island will be restored on Saturday as well.

Bermuda’s hotel properties are operational and ready to welcome guests. The Bermuda Tourism Authority does encourage visitors currently in Bermuda or those with upcoming travel plans to contact their travel providers, local tour operators, and businesses directly to inquire about any potential changes in their operations.

“Bermuda is ready to host visitors and groups already booked to visit this weekend and into the fall season,” said Tracy Berkeley, the Bermuda Tourism Authority’s interim CEO. “Thank you to all of the residents for their hard work and resilience as we welcome visitors to our island once again.”

Hurricane Fiona’s passing has not disrupted planned on-island events. When asked, BTA’s VP of Experiences, Tashae Thompson stated: “Bermuda has a robust fall calendar, and we look forward to welcoming all guests.”

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