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Effective March 7 2022:


All visitors aged 12 years and over must be vaccinated to travel to Bermuda. An exception to this vaccination requirement may be approved by the Quarantine Authority if you have a medical contraindication to COVID-19 vaccines.

Unvaccinated visitors 12 years and over must apply for a medical exemption from vaccination to enter Bermuda at least 10 days before arrival to Bermuda.

Medical Exemption from Vaccination: Visitors who are unvaccinated and have a medical contraindication to COVID-19 vaccines can apply for a medical exemption. The traveller must submit a letter from a licensed physician documenting the medical contraindication and apply for a Travel Authorisation at least 10 days before their planned arrival to Bermuda. The letter:

  • Must be signed and dated on official letterhead that contains contact information (name, address, and phone number) of a licensed healthcare provider.
  • Must clearly state that you have a medical contraindication to receiving a COVID-19 vaccine.
  • The name of the COVID-19 vaccine product and the medical condition must both be listed. Medical contraindications to COVID-19 vaccination include immediate or severe allergic reaction (e.g., anaphylaxis) after a previous dose or component of a COVID-19 vaccine or known allergy to a component of a COVID-19 vaccine.
  • Must have sufficient personally identifiable information (full name plus at least one other identifier such as date of birth or passport number) to confirm that the letter matches with your passport or other travel information.

The letter must be emailed to [email protected]. If approved, the applicant will receive a notice of approval for medical exemption. This document must be uploaded to the Travel Authorisation.

An approved medical exemption applies only to the applicant. It does not extend to the applicant’s family.

Approved medical exemptions allow visitors arriving by air or by pleasure craft or superyacht entry into Bermuda under certain circumstances. If a medical exemption application is not approved, the passenger is not allowed to disembark in Bermuda. Unvaccinated cruise ship passengers 12 years old and over are not allowed off the ship (including those with a medical exemption).

Visitors 12 years and over arriving by air would be expected to follow test and quarantine guidelines below.

Visitors 12 years and over arriving by sea are not allowed off of the ship while in Bermuda due to the risk associated with the congregant setting of a ship.


Passenger Category Travel Application and Pre-Travel Test Requirements Requirements on Arrival
Unvaccinated Visitors 12 years and over with approved medical exemption from vaccination Travel Authorisation required. Application is $40.
Mandatory COVID-19 NAAT test (PCR, LAMP or TMA) up to 4 days before departure 
Supervised antigen on embarkation
- isolate in your room until negative arrival result
Visitors Arriving by Air or by Pleasure Craft or Superyacht:
- PCR test on arrival (day 0)
- 4-day quarantine
- PCR quarantine exit test on Day 4
- Supervised antigen test on day 10
Unvaccinated Children 2- 11 years old Travel Authorisation required. Application is $40.
Mandatory COVID-19 NAAT test up to 4 days before departure
Unvaccinated children: Test and quarantine requirements based on the vaccination status of travelling parent/guardian.
Unvaccinated children travelling with unvaccinated parents/guardians cannot get off the boat
Vaccinated children and unvaccinated children travelling with vaccinated parents/guardians can get off the boat on arrival
Unvaccinated Cruise Ship Passengers 12 years and over Travel Authorisation required. Application fee $40.
COVID-19 NAAT test up to 4 days before embarkation
Supervised antigen test at embarkation in the terminal or on the cruise ship
Unvaccinated adult passengers are not allowed off the ship (including those with a medical exemption)
Unvaccinated children 11 years and under travelling with fully vaccinated parents will be allowed off the ship.

Children under 2 years

No Travel Authorisation or testing are required


Click here for the requirements of the pre-travel tests including details of the COVID-19  NAAT tests accepted in Bermuda.

Any traveller with arrival testing requirements or day 4 or day 10 travel test requirements will have these tests automatically scheduled for them (test dates and locations will be emailed to the traveller). 

The arrival test will happen at the traveller’s port of entry. If a traveller refuses to test on arrival, they will be expected to quarantine at your accommodation for 14 days. If they refuse to test after the 14 days, they will have to quarantine for a further 14 days

Any further tests booked will be emailed to the traveller notifying them of test date and location.


Step 1: Up to one month prior to your trip to Bermuda, you may begin your travel authorisation application form by clicking the “Apply for Travel Authorisation” link that apples to you on this page.

Step 2: If you are an unvaccinated visitor 12 and up, you must apply for your medical exemption at least 10 days before you arrive to Bermuda. Please email your medical exemption application to [email protected]. If approved, you will receive a notice of approval for medical exemption. This is the document you should upload to your Travel Authorisation application.

Step 3: Complete and save your Travel Authorisation application. Before saving your application, please verify that the email address entered on your application form is correct.

Step 4: Your application will be stored until the departure date listed on your application. Four days before your scheduled arrival to Bermuda, you will receive a reminder email to upload your pre-travel negative test result to complete your Travel Authorisation application. You must submit your completed application at least 1 day before your scheduled departure. Once submitted, your application will be reviewed by the Quarantine Authority.

If approved, the Quarantine Authority will email your approved Travel Authorisation. All travellers must have an electronic or paper copy of the Travel Authorisation to travel. If you do not receive your Travel Authorisation email, check your junk/spam folder to make sure the Travel Authorisation is not there.

Visitors who do not submit a valid pre-arrival test result will be notified by email that their test is not valid and will be given the opportunity to submit a valid result. If a visitor cannot submit a valid test result, they will be denied a Travel Authorisation and will not be able to travel to Bermuda

For any queries, contact Bermuda's COVID hotline at +1 (441) 444-2498 or on Toll Free Number (1-833-570-2594) or via email at [email protected]



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