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Bermuda Shore Excursions: 7 Reasons to Book with Local Companies

Discovering secluded swim spots, finding local cuisine, losing yourself in nature – there’s so much to do during your shore excursion in Bermuda. When time is precious, it’s helpful to go directly to the source of insider tours and experiences out here.

Cruise line anchored at the Royal Naval Dockyard in Bermuda

Royal Naval Dockyard

Stunning natural beauty aside, the allure of a small island is that it’s easy to get off the beaten path – and even better when you have a local to show you how. While it may seem easier to book your shore excursions direct through your cruise line, if you look to those experts on the ground, you’ll get the same phenomenal service and sometimes better pricing from a Bermudian insider. Here are seven reasons to book tours independently from your cruise line:  

1 Save Money Booking Directly

Cliff jumping in Bermuda

Cliff jumping in Bermuda with Hidden Gems Tours

Save time and money when you book your excursions in advance and directly through established, trusted Bermuda tour providers. While actual commissions vary, cruise lines often take as much as 50 percent for the exact same excursions you can book directly. When you book direct, more of your ticket price gets back to the local tour providers offering the experience. This means you can save time and money, while more of your dollars go to supporting the local economy.

2 More Availability & Options

If the tour you had your heart set on is already sold out on the boat, don’t fret. Cruise lines only book a certain number of spots on tours at designated times, so there may still be spots available through the local operator. Similarly, the local tour provider may offer the tour at additional times. Speaking to a local may bring some flexibility and even an experience custom-made for you.

3 Seasoned Tour Providers

Royal Naval Dockyard tours in Bermuda

Touring historic Royal Naval Dockyard

The Island Tour Centre is one of the first stops for booking on-island excursions. It operates out of The Royal Naval Dockyard, just steps away from the cruise ship terminal. On the books is an impressive group of seasoned tour providers with a passion for the island and their own unique experiences. From sunset sails, snorkel tours, top deck rum tastings, jet ski safaris and reef fishing, they know a Bermuda you can’t read about online.

4 Exclusive Tours & Local Experiences

For tech-minded travellers, there’s Winnow. The app connects users with private experiences that allow them to live like a local. From swimming with turtles or personal surfing lessons to beekeeping or enjoying cocktails in a private home, each encounter is a memorable and meaningful taste of life out here. Download the app to access exclusive experiences curated by local experts

5 Live Shows & Special Events

Live Music in Bermuda

Live music in Bermuda

From concerts and festivals to wine tastings and exhibitions, there’s always something happening out here. Visit to get in on what’s going on when you’re on-island.

6 Get Local Insight on Shore Excursions

Bermuda’s Official Visitor Service Centres are a great resource for travellers and are located in Hamilton, St. George’s and Dockyard. Bermuda's front line is equipped with a wealth of knowledge. All staff are Certified Tourism Ambassadors, and are also Blue Flag qualified, which means they have a wealth of knowledge on the historical and economic development of Bermuda, its unique customs, flora, fauna and places of interest. They can even help you book experiences on the spot.

7 Let a Local be Your Guide

Local taxis are available all around Bermuda

Many taxi drivers double as tour guides

Blue flag tour guides can also be found in the form of taxi drivers and minibus operators who provide sightseeing by the hour, and are eager to stop at the most photogenic spots and share stories behind Bermuda’s landmarks.