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12 Reasons to Hit Up Bermuda in July

Out here, it’s not just the climate that peaks in July. A time of festivals, fun and island-wide joy, among the highlights, you'll find spirited County cricket games, live soca and reggae shows and weekly water raft-ups.

Here are a dozen reasons why you should pack your bags in the middle of summer. Check out our seasonal getaway specials – this island escape is just a two-hour flight from many U.S. East Coast

Beachfest at Horseshoe Bay

Beachfest at Horseshoe Bay

1 The Weather is Just Right

Tourist sitting on rock in Bermuda

Get lost in Bermuda's beauty

Exhausted by the brutal heat of summer? Bermuda's average temperatures hover in the sweet spot between 80°F and 85°F (23°C and 29°C). Located in the Atlantic Ocean – approximately 900 miles north-east of the Caribbean – the island is warmed by the Gulf Stream and the sun, so even in the summer months, it doesn’t get uncomfortably hot.

2 Serious Summer Celebrations

Beachfest in Bermuda

Beachfest in Bermuda is an event not to be missed

Bermuda knows how to party. And every July we celebrate Happy Hour almost daily with options like Harbour Nights on Front Street in Hamilton and The Big Chill at Elbow Beach.  

3 The World's Greatest Beaches

Horseshoe Bay Bermuda

Turquoise water and pink sand at Horseshoe Bay

Pink sand, turquoise waters, endless blue sky – the island's beaches are among its greatest natural assets. Bermuda is home to legendary stretches of sand and surf, including the iconic Horseshoe Bay,  a wide swath of rosy beach flanked by dramatic rock outcroppings – it was named the world’s third most popular (read: Instagrammed) beach in The Daily Mail – and Tobacco Bay, known for its towering limestone rock formations and clear snorkel-ready waters. Looking for something more off-the-beaten-path? Try the pristine, otherworldly Cooper's Island Nature Reserve.

4 Aquatic Adventures

Jet Skiing in Bermuda

Zoom from open water to secluded coves on a jet ski

Whether you’re in the mood for a mellow kayak glide or a serene sailboat trip, or a pulse-pounding experience like parasailing or jet skiing, Bermuda is swimming with water attractions. The island is also the shipwreck capital of the world, with hundreds of sunken vessels waiting under the waves to be explored.

5 Sensational Spas

You'll find plenty of ways to refresh and recharge in Bermuda, from deep-tissue massages to renewing facials. If you’re looking for an unforgettable experience, book a session at Natura Spa at The Caves at Grotto Bay Beach Resort. Located in an ancient cave, the unique retreat offers treatment cabanas that float on a crystal-clear, ocean-fed lake surrounded by stalactites and stalagmites.

6 Picnics in the Park

Camden House Botanical Gardens in Bermuda

Bermuda Botanical Gardens

Summer's perfect weather begs for al fresco meals. The lush Botanical Gardens stars 36 acres of trees and blossoms with plenty of places to lounge – and dine – on the grass. The serene Bermuda Arboretum offers 22 acres of gorgeous open space, with shady trails, ornamental bridges and peaceful meadows. Head to the upscale Miles Market for picnic supplies like curried chicken salad sandwiches and cookies.

7 Local Flavours

Fish Sandwich at Woody's, Bermuda

Woody's take on the popular fish sandwich

Thanks to its mid-Atlantic location, Bermudian cuisine blends traditions and culinary techniques from England, the Caribbean, the U.S. and South America into a delicious mixture. No summer trip to the island is complete without trying the beloved Bermuda fish sandwich. Wash it down with a can of ice-cold Barritt's ginger beer. 

8 Summer Fridays

Bonfire Tobacco Bay Beach, Bermuda

Beach bonfires at Tobacco Bay

Bermuda's Summer Fridays are the perfect way to kick-start an island escape. You'll find beach bonfires, chic happy hours and cocktail cruises that'll help you make the most of the long days.

9 Harbour Nights

Harbour Nights in Hamilton, Bermuda

Hamilton's summertime Harbour Nights 

Call it the ultimate block party. Every Wednesday night in the summer, hundreds head to Hamilton's Front Street for a street festival with late-night shopping, entertainment, unique local artist displays and the colourful Gombey dancers, who blend British, African and island traditions in their lively performances.

10 Eco Adventures

Biking the Railway Trails in Bermuda

Ride Bermuda's Railway Trail

There are few places in the world that can beat Bermuda in terms of raw natural beauty. Eco tours led by experts are an ideal way to explore the breathtaking landscapes by kayak, bike or on foot. You can delve deeper into the wilderness of Cahow Island, the heart of a lush jungle or the awe-inspiring Crystal Caves.

11 Time Travelling

Fort St. Catherine in St. George's Parish Bermuda

Fort St. Catherine guarded Bermuda's East End

There's no time machine, but you may feel like you've slipped back a few centuries as you explore historic forts or wander among historic stone buildings and pastel houses in the Town of St. George. The latter, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is the oldest continually inhabited English settlement in the New World.

12 Only in Bermuda Style

Bermuda shorts by the pool
Credit: TABS

Bermuda knows how to show off its legs. Even businessmen spend the summers in Bermuda shorts. The look hits its apex in July, when you’ll see young and old, formal and casual, guys and girls all rocking this ultimate island fashion statement. Need your own pair? Try TABS (The Authentic Bermuda Shorts).