5 Ways to Taste Bermuda

One of the things that sets this island country apart (besides the fact that it's 650 miles form Cape Hatteras, North Carolina) is the warmth, pride and diversity of Bermudians.  Our 65,000 residents are a welcoming, eclectic swirl of cultures - many of African, Caribbean, English, Portuguese and Native American descent.Their influences are reflected in everything from customs to food, which includes a mash-up of Creole spices with proper English dishes and Portuguese donuts. 

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Huckleberry Restaurant – Traditional Afternoon Tea

1. Take Advantage of Lobster Season

Smaller than its Maine counterpart and without claws, Bermuda's spiny lobster has most of its tender, flavourful meats in the tail. From September to March you'll find these crustaceans on the menu in nearly every restaurant, but local institution Lobster Pot, on Bermudian Road, is the place to find a class thermidor with all the fixings. Insider tip: Start with their conch chowder. 

2. Feast on Caribbean Flavours

Bermuda's northerly Atlantic position separates the island from the Caribbean in geography but not in heart. Menus island-wide have their own versions of peas and rice, jerk meats and salted codfish cakes. With outposts in the east and west, D&C Grill serves heaping dinners of jerk chicken and pork on rice and peas or mouthwatering macaroni. An authentic jerk grill is the secret to their success. 

3. Get a Taste of Portuguese Heritage

A food truck specialising in Portuguese cuisine, Generosa's serves "Vovo's recipes" (vovo means grandmonther) at the bustling Front Yard on Front Street. Traditional dishes celebrate pork and seafood -codfish is a mjar staple - and Shrimp Mozambique, uses African spices. Sandwiches are served on sweet Portuguese break rolls. 

Generosa's fish sandwich.

4. Experience High Tea

Iconic red phone booths and police officers in bobby helmets: Bermuda's heritage is undeniably British, particular when it comes to the classic British activity of afternoon tea. Enjoy a selection of finely cut sandwiches, cakes and scones with clotted cream and jam at Huckleberry, Rosedon Hotel's elegant restaurant. Make it a "Tipsy Tea" with a glass of champagne and librations from the speciality gin and tonic menu. 

5. Savour the Seasonal Harvest

From November to June, browse farmers' markets for local produce, preserves and home-baked goods. Catch the end of Bermuda corn season; try locally grown passionfruit and load up on bananas and carrots year-round at Windybank, Wadson's Farm or the Bermuda Botanical Garden market on Saturdays. 

Interior of Wadson's Farm.

Three Iconic Dishes

Still have an appetite for the island local flavour? Tick these delicious, musty-try dishes off your Bermuda bucket list.

Codfish Breakfast

Dig into heaping plate of steamed salt cod with boiled potatoes, onions, sliced bananas, a hard-boiled egg and avocado slices, topped with a tomato or butter onion sauce. Paraquet Restaurant and Speciality Inn are good bets. 

Quintessential Bermuda Fish Chowder

This aromatic blend of seafood and spice often includes potatoes, tomoatos, onions, carrots, green peppers and celery. It's typically served with Outerbridge's Original Sherry Peppers and a splash of Gosling's Black Seal Rum. 

The Perrennial Fish Sandwich

The classic version is a delicately deep-fried filled with tartar sauce of fresh raisi bread. Off-the-beaten-path gem Art Mel's Spicy Dicy is one of the best. Order "the works" for lettuce, tomato, grilled Bermuda onions, cheese, hot sauce and coleslaw. 



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