Why Work from Bermuda

Enjoy stunning natural beauty and one of the world's highest standards of living on the island of Bermuda. Long established as a blue-chip destination with business infrastructure, contemporary culture and healthy, luxurious island living, Bermuda is an alluring place to work and live.

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Location & Access

Perfectly balanced between East and West, Bermuda is just a 90-minute nonstop from New York, with direct flights from other East Coast gateway cities, London and Toronto. The international airport offers commercial and private aircraft facilities, and a new terminal is set to debut by the end of 2020. The island’s Atlantic Standard Time is ideal for those monitoring or directly serving global markets.

Health & Safety

Bermuda offers physical and social security – and, to assuage current concerns, a virtually COVID-19-free environment. The island has proven to be one of the most successful countries in the world at controlling the virus and testing per capita, reopening to visitors in July with responsible health-and-safety measures in place. These precautions build trust and highlight the importance Bermuda authorities place on working collaboratively to keep residents and visitors safe.

Luxury & a Global Landscape

Genuine hospitality, stunning natural beauty, gorgeous residential communities, first-rate schools, top-tier healthcare, sports, a contemporary cultural scene, and an historic UNESCO World Heritage site all help create one of the highest standards of living in the world. Bermuda’s sophisticated global corporate landscape provides an immediate infrastructure for c-suite executives and up-and-coming high-earners to plug into, as well as offering relevant contacts, new business opportunities, and relationships they can benefit from.

New legislation enacted in 2020 allows superyachts to charter and cruise in Bermuda waters – solidifying the island as a strategic port between North America, the Mediterranean and the Caribbean for these vessels and their owners/captains, crew and accompanying guests. 


Open Spaces & Pristine Nature

In Bermuda, space is an easy-to-find luxury. The island boasts beautiful, spacious beaches that are quiet and serene. Soak up the private-island vibe on Jobson’s Cove, where you’ll find pretty pink sand beaches and crystal-clear water. Or, for an adventurous outing, follow the winding path to Chaplin Bay, one of the island’s most secluded spots. Immerse yourself in nature and natural wonders along the historic Railway Trail, offering 18 miles of paved pathways and trails. Walk, bike, or run along these car-free stretches for a few hours of solitude and unhampered views. There are plenty of ways to soak up that healthy island lifestyle, from sunrise SUP yoga classes and running groups to racquet, golf and social clubs. 

Business Community & Infrastructure

As a self-governing British Overseas Territory with a 400-year-old legal system based in English Common Law, a stable economy and political democracy, and modern digital and telecomms services, Bermuda is highly attractive to high-net-worth and corporate visitors and residents. The jurisdiction offers social familiarity, opportunities for cultural immersion, as well as access to top-tier healthcare. The fact that Bermuda is a highly-respected financial services centre, comprising talent and industries across sectors – from insurance to asset management to family offices – puts the island ahead of many competing jurisdictions. 

City of Hamilton – City Of Hamilton

Adaptability & Innovation

From farming and shipbuilding to military bases, tourism and financial services, Bermuda has shown an impressive ability to adapt and innovate over the centuries. The island nation's response to the Covid-19 pandemic has also been swift and robust.

The Government of Bermuda has recently passed a visitor/temporary resident amendment as well as enacted Superyacht legislation to allow these vessels to charter and cruise in Bermuda waters, solidifying the island as a strategic port between North America, the Mediterranean and the Caribbean. For more information on government protocols and travel guidance (including guidance for superyachts and other inbound vessels) related to changing conditions stemming from Covid-19, visit the official Government of Bermuda website.

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