Bermuda's Holiday Celebration Guide

Bermuda is located less than two hours from most major cities on the U.S. East Coast, making it the perfect place to spend the holidays with your loved ones. Here are some of the best ways to enjoy classic holiday experiences – all with a Bermuda twist.

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A group of little girls are performing in Elf outfits.

With its blend of colourful architecture, international influences, seasonal events, boutique shopping, pink-sand beaches and mild climate, Bermuda promises a holiday season like no other. Bermuda is brimming with natural beauty and festive holiday traditions and beckons travellers with a worry-free getaway. That, and the promise of sunshine, mild weather and island breezes.

There are plenty of safe ways to experience holiday traditions. Here's how the island gets festive over the holidays.

Holiday Fun Throughout the Season

Bermuda’s blended cultures mean residents practice a range of religions and may observe one or many seasonal holidays including Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or Christmas. You’ll see festive decorations, glittering lights, window displays and soaring Christmas trees in hotel lobbies and public squares. Get into the spirit with mulled wine, the smell of cedar burning in the hearth. And find Santa Claus, who's coming to the Town of St. George where he'll be driving through to offer season's greetings – and candy.

A wide shot of the St. George's Square at Christmas.

By early December, the pastel-hued buildings of both cities are decked out with sparkling lights and verdant wreaths and garlands, and the beautifully trimmed Christmas Tree at Royal Naval Dockyard welcomes shoppers and visitors alike. It's an excellent time to get in the holiday spirit while searching for uniquely Bermudian holiday gifts at locally-owned shops or at the Huckleberry Holiday Market, where you can savour cholocate truffles as you peruse locally made goods.

Dockyard's festivities continue each Sunday throughout December, when Santa Claus takes up residence at Frog & Onion Pub. Come Christmas Day, no celebration is complete without a trip to the beach. In most years, locals head to Elbow Beach to sunrise with a glass of Champagne. You can always have a toast to welcome the day on a more low-key beach.

Bermudian Holiday Food Traditions

Warm, aromatic spices are a year-round fixture in Bermudian cuisine, but the holidays kick it up a notch. Start your day with an Eggnog Latte or Gingerbread Mocha from Rock Island Coffee in Hamilton.

The holidays happen to occur at the height of spiny lobster season, which makes for hearty seasonal dishes at restaurants like the Lobster Pot. For dessert, satisfy your sweet tooth by picking up a pint of Rum Eggnog Ice Cream from Alex & Pete's Bermuda Artisan Ice Cream.

A lobster plate with veggies.

Home-cooked holiday meals have their own beloved Bermudian twist. While it wouldn’t be Christmas dinner without the turkey and a (rum) glazed ham, Bermudian holiday sides are just as essential. Hoppin’ John, paw-paw (papaya) casserole, and cassava pie (a sweet cake made with shredded cassava root layered with chicken) are a key part of any Christmas dinner. Moist, buttery Bermuda rum cake is a perfect finale – pair it with a mug of warm mulled wine.

Festive Holiday Events

The holiday spirit is reconnecting and valuing time with your loved ones. Sit next to a family member while singing your favourite Christmas carols, revisit fond memories while sipping a rum swizzle, and get outside to enjoy the fresh air. You’ll find fun, reimagined events and festivities throughout the season starting at the end of November all the way through to January.

Carol with dolphins at the National Museum of Bermuda, find unique gifts at Christmas markets, attend a Christmas Eve candlelight service at the oldest Anglican Church in the Western Hemisphere, and celebrate Christmas Day on the beach.

On Boxing Day, this British holiday gets a Bermudian twist when Gombey troupes in colourful costumes dance through the streets to the rhythm of snare drums, beer bottle fifes and tin whistles. 

As the year closes, ring in the New Year in King’s Square in the Town of St. George where crowds gather to watch the giant onion drop when the clock strikes midnight. 

Join us for the holidays in Bermuda, a special time to experience a taste of culture, tradition and the joy of Bermuda's people. 

Upcoming Holiday Events

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    Dec 06

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  • USATF Bermuda Grand Prix
    Apr 27 - 28

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  • Bermuda Sail Grand Prix (SailGP)
    May 04 - 05

    Bermuda Sail Grand Prix (SailGP)

  • Bermuda Day 2023
    May 24

    Bermuda Day 2024

  • The Ultimate Bermuda Day Parade Visitors Experience
    May 24

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  • Carnival In Bermuda
    Jun 13 - 17

    Carnival In Bermuda

  • Newport To Bermuda Race 2024
    Jun 21 - 29

    Newport to Bermuda Race 2024

  • Cup Match Cricket Classic
    Aug 01 - 02

    Cup Match Cricket Classic

  • Vegan Fest
    Aug 25

    Vegan Fest

  • Bermuda Celebrity Golf Invitational
    Oct 04 - 08

    Bermuda Celebrity Golf Invitational



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