10 Places For A Beach Wedding

From secluded coves to broad crescents of pink sand, find the Bermuda beach for the wedding of your dreams.

  • On the Beach

Pink sand, blue sky and sun-kissed turquoise seas lend Bermuda's beaches a surreal beauty that will make your wedding a romantic dream come true. These 10 beaches will make your dream of a “pretty-in-pink” Bermuda wedding a reality.

Cambridge Beaches for Low-Key Resort Chic

Cambridge Beaches Resort & Spa rests on a private, sun-splashed 30-acre peninsula. The powdery shores of the luxury resort’s private stretch of sand (part of Long Bay Beach) will provide a picture-perfect backdrop for your big day. Cambridge Beaches offers intimate wedding services (just for two) or can also provide for larger weddings.

Chaplin Bay: An Intimate Setting

Tucked between rocky sea cliffs on the South Shore, Chaplin Bay is one of Bermuda’s smallest beaches – but it’s also one of the island’s most beautiful spots for a wedding ceremony. The views are absolutely breathtaking, with turquoise waters and blue sky stretching out as far as the eye can see.

Elbow Beach for Twilight Nuptials

Bermuda sunsets are legendary, with dazzling colours filling the sky. And there may be no better place for an oceanside sunset wedding ceremony on the island than Elbow Beach. Once you’ve said “I do” you can hold the elegant reception in the stylish Cafe Lido Complex … or simply have it right there on the sand.  

Horseshoe Bay Beach for Epic Vistas

Horseshoe Bay Beach is one of Bermuda’s most popular (and most photographed) beaches – and it’s easy to see why. Located on the South Shore, it’s a perfect pink and blue crescent, bordered by natural limestone cliffs that will have you and your guests swooning.

Jobson’s Cove for Secluded Bliss

Picture-perfect is the phrase that comes to mind for Jobson's Cove. Sheltered by steep cliffs, this intimate slice of pink sand, blue sky and crystal-clear water will provide a simply extraordinary backdrop for your vows. Located in Warwick Parish, it’s a little piece of paradise feels a world away from everyone and everything.

John Smith’s Bay: Synonymous With Romance

This beautiful South Shore spot is long and flat, making it one of Bermuda’s more accessible beaches for a wedding ceremony. Even more, John’s Smith’s Bay has a romantic backstory — the beach was named after the explorer famous for his part in the Pocahontas saga in the early 1600s.

Stonehole Bay for Epic Images

Often called Chaplin Bay’s twin beach, Stonehole Bay is another South Shore gem, with calm waters, dramatic limestone rock formations and sparkling sunshine. A wedding ceremony here will fulfill all of your romantic dreams, with the sand between your toes, a gentle breeze in your hair and the one you love right there with you. Good idea for a wedding photo: there's a coral rock formation on top of a cliff here that provides a natural "framed" view of the beach – hence the name Stonehole Bay.

The Loren at Pink Beach for a Dream Wedding

Perched on ocean cliffs overlooking rosy sands, the Loren at Pink Beach boasts classic Bermuda views and vibes for your beach wedding ceremony. The staff at the Loren prides itself on the care and attention to detail they put into every event. They’re dedicated to bringing your Bermuda beach wedding dreams to life.

Warwick Long Bay: A Gorgeous Expanse

One of Bermuda’s longest beaches, Warwick Long Bay stretches out for a half-mile on the island’s South Shore. Pink sand, azure waters and towering rocks combine to create a truly lovely wedding locale. The photos will look gorgeous, of course, but your memories will be the best document.

Majestic Views at West Whale Bay Beach

Overlooking the wide-open Atlantic from Bermuda’s southwest coast, West Whale Bay Beach is a classic stretch of Bermuda pink sand, with calm waters and a secluded feel. Added bonus: if your big day takes place during whale watching season (March through April), you might catch sight of an uninvited (but still welcome) wedding guest: a 40-ton humpback whale breaching just off the coast.

So you’ve picked the perfect Bermuda beach for your wedding. Here’s everything else you need to know to get married in Bermuda. 



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