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Cup Match in Bermuda

Events & Happenings

Book tickets to events on PTIX to mix and mingle with locals and see the island come to life. Enjoy a full lineup of year-round events, from cultural festivals featuring art, food, music and dance to sporting events centred on sailing, fishing, cricket or golf. Every season brings something to celebrate, from summer beach parties to holiday festivities.

Aerial view of two jet skis riding close to a sandy shore

Island Adventures

For big thrills, book through Island Tour Centre to take a Jet Ski tour, try cliff jumping, go parasailing or join a whale watching tour. For more relaxing adventures, go diving or snorkelling among historic shipwrecks, take an eco tour by kayak or bike, or hop on a sightseeing cruise to get close-up views of Bermuda’s sea life and scenic coast. You can even charter your own yacht.



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