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Springtime Eco Adventures in Bermuda

Spring in Bermuda is the best season for eco-adventurers. From March through May, eco-tours and experiences abound – from hiking in Bermuda’s pristine jungles to experiencing sustainably sourced cuisine. To make your planning easier, we’ve separated the island’s top eco-experiences into three categories: On Land, On the Water and Under the Water. Choose the eco-adventure that best suits your style – or try them all!

Man walking through nature trail in Bermuda

Bermuda's Railway Trail is filled with lush vegetation and natural beauty

Eco Tours on Land

Dining & Sustainability Food Festival (Apr) – The chefs at Fairmont Southampton work with local farmers and fishermen to prepare mouthwatering bites to highlight seasonal Bermudian ingredients. ($15) West End

woman beekeeping in Bermuda

Get a taste of beekeeping in Bermuda

Discover Beekeeping (Mar, Apr, May) – Pick up the basics of beekeeping, the inner workings of a beehive, and the impact of bees on Bermuda’s natural environment from a native beekeeper. Then, pick up a bottle of Bermudian honey. ($80) Learn more. West End

Hidden Gems Eco-Excursion (Mar, Apr) – Adventure to Bermuda's most magnificent nature reserves and historical landmarks. Embrace the mystique with cave exploration, vine swinging and unforgettable Bermuda hiking trails! ($100) Learn moreWest End

Hidden Gems Eco-Photography Excursion (Mar, Apr) – Steal away to hidden hot spots far away from the crowds, and experience the true essence of Bermuda’s natural beauty on this Insta-ready eco tour. ($100) Learn moreWest End

woman biking along railway trail in Bermuda

Biking Bermuda's Railway Trail

Bermuda Railway Trail by Bike (Apr, May) – Take a leisurely, motor-less bike ride on the Bermuda Railway Trail. Enjoy spectacular scenery along the length of Bermuda’s end-to-end national park. ($80) Learn more. West End

Spanish Point Adventures with a Local (Mar, Apr, May) – Explore unspoiled caves and cliffs, beautiful parks and beaches in areas not frequently travelled by visitors. Plus, lunch from an ultra-local spot. ($60) Learn more. Central Bermuda

Dockyard Segway Tours (Mar, Apr, May) – This gasless eco-machine is self-balancing, fun and easy to ride. Enjoy unbeatable ocean views and historical sites. ($80) Learn moreEast End

foraging loquats in Bermuda

Find wild loquats and more on a foraging tour

Wild Herbs Eco-Foraging Tour (Mar, Apr, May) – On the nature trails of Cooper’s Island, learn about the island's herbs and other edible plants in their natural environment, as well as how they can benefit health and wellbeing. ($55) Learn more. East End

Electric Bicycle Tour (Mar, Apr, May) – This guided, family-friendly eco adventure is completely customisable. Choose between a tour of Harrington Sound, Town of St. George or the expansive nature reserve at Cooper’s Island. ($75) Learn more. East End

La Garza Resin Jewellery Workshop (Mar, Apr, May) – Learn the science behind Bermuda’s sand, the plastics and invasive species plaguing our oceans and the art of making your own jewellery from what's found. ($60) Learn more. East End

Bermuda Horse Trail Rides (Mar, Apr, May) – Explore Bermuda on horseback with Watson Trail Rides as your guide. You'll ride along trails with breathtaking coastal views, beaches and forts. (Price upon request.) Learn more. West End

Eco Experiences on the Water

Humpback Whale watching in Bermuda

A humpback whale breaches off Bermuda

Whale Watching (Mar, Apr) – Bermuda is uniquely positioned for spotting humpback whales on their migration north. They can range in length from 39 to 52 feet. It’s best to take a charter from one of the many whale watching excursions on offer. ($95) Learn more. East End

Harrington Sound Cruise (May) – Get onboard the Callista for a coastal cruise around Harrington Sound put on by the Bermuda Aquarium, Museum & Zoo. The sound is an area rich in biodiversity surrounded by caves and cliffs, and dotted with fascinating islands and coastal landmarks. ($40) Learn more. East End

Nonsuch Island Eco-tour (May) – The RV Endurance takes you to unspoiled Nonsuch Island for a learning odyssey of history and restoration. If conditions allow, there may be an opportunity to see one of the rarest seabirds in the world: the Bermuda Cahow. ($100) Learn more. East End

Interactive Dolphin Ocean Experience (Apr, May) – Guided by a dedicated marine mammal specialist and equipped with a sea scooter, explore the beautiful turquoise waters and natural coral reefs of an open ocean sanctuary. Additional customisable options exist at Dolphin Quest, always respectful to the environment and promoting sustainability. ($100+) Learn more. West

Bermuda Electric Boat Rentals (Mar, Apr, May) – These ecologically friendly alternatives allow you to get on the water without negatively impacting the very environment you came to relish. ($125/hour) Learn more. Central Bermuda

Kayaking on Bermuda water

Kayak along beaches and uninhabited islands

Kayak Eco-adventure (Apr, May) – Enjoy views of rocky coastlines, uninhabited islands and beaches. Along the way, your guide will point out coastal creatures like coral, turtles and Bermuda longtails. ($80) Learn more. West End

Windsurfing (Mar, Apr, May) – Learn to windsurf with Upwind Sports, a mobile training school for windsurfers of all experience levels. Weather conditions dictate where you meet for a two-hour lesson. ($150) Learn more.

Learn to Sail (Mar, Apr, May) – Who needs an engine when you have the natural breezes of the Gulf Stream propelling you in a personalised sailing lesson in the ecstatically faultless Harrington Sound?  Fittingly, you’ll learn on a Bermuda rig. (Price upon request.) Learn more. East End

Glass-Bottom Boat Tour (Mar, Apr, May) – A glass-bottom boat is the best way to see beneath the waves without getting wet. This eco tour takes you to pristine reef sites, where you’ll get acquainted with the island’s beautiful marine life. ($50) Learn more. West End

Underwater Eco Adventures

Hartley’s Helmet Diving (Mar, Apr, May) – Experience Bermuda's thrilling marine world, even if you can’t swim. Just below the surface you'll be greeted by numerous marine species, including Leroy the snapper, who is known to pause for photos. ($108) Learn more. West End

Shipwreck in Bermuda water

Bermuda's reefs are a treasure trove worth exploring

Scuba Diving Excursions (Mar, Apr, May) – Bermuda’s waters are home to over 300 sunken shipwrecks, meticulously protected for ecological and historical purposes. Explore as many as you dare with the help of local dive shops. ($130) Learn more. West End

Snorkelling Excursions (Apr, May) – Bermuda's waters are filled with fascinatingly colourful marine life and mysterious shipwrecks. Explore it all at Bermuda's best snorkelling sites. ($60-$75) Learn more. West End

Snuba Excursions (Mar, Apr, May) – This patented shallow-water eco adventure combines the simplicity and ease of snorkelling with the excitement of diving. Following a briefing, you’ll experience a guided dive over a beautiful coral reef to see an abundance of fish and other marine life. ($89) Learn more. West End

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