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How To See Bermuda: By Air, By Sea, By Land

Out here there are many ways to see Bermuda! No matter what angle you catch it from, your Bermuda vacation will be filled with island eye candy. Here's a sneak preview … 

By Air

When you hear those magic words - "Ladies and gentlemen, we're beginning our descent into Bermuda" – you're going to want a window seat. Flying into Bermuda is one of those experiences you'll relive in your mind for years to come. First you see the reefs, shimmering beneath the surface of the stunning turquoise water. Then the fish hook-shaped island itself (or should we say "islands" – Bermuda is actually 181 tiny islands) comes into view, dotted with brilliant white roofs and pink houses, surrounded by lush greenery. Next stop, paradise.

By Sea

Bermuda ferry

Four public ferry routes offer an on-the-water alternative for getting around Bermuda

You've seen Bermuda's famous turquoise water from above – now get a much closer look. There are countless opportunities to get out on the water, whether you're trying out standup paddle boarding (SUP), zooming into hidden coves on a jet ski, or hopping on board a yacht for a sunset cocktail cruise. There are even some fantastic Bermuda spots that are only accessible by boat, such as the crumbling, evocative forts on Castle Island or the Vixen shipwreck, a three-masted British gunboat from the 1860s that was sunk in shallow water off Daniel's Head.

By Land

Bermuda bus

Bermuda's bus system covers the entire island.

There's only 21 square miles of dry land on Bermuda, but every inch of it is packed with spectacular sights. Rent a scooter or electric mini car and explore the island's various parishes, checking out centuries-old architecture, iconic neighborhoods and quaint backroads. Or, rent a bike and ride the Historic Railway Trail, a converted pathway that spans the island end-to-end, winding from striking rocky coastlines to breathtaking backcountry greenery. Or for a uniquely local experience, just hop aboard one of Bermuda's pink-and-blue striped buses. The bus system covers the entire island, with 11 routes running through 14 zones.

By Instagram

All good things must come to an end – and your Bermuda vacation is no exception. But an inspiring eyeful of island beauty is just a tap away, thanks to our always fresh Instagram account, featuring the best Bermuda photography, GIFs and videos we've got. Warning: it will make you want to book your return trip back here.