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Getting Around Bermuda on Motor Scooters & Pedal Bikes

For a fun and convenient way to get around the island, take it on two wheels. Reserve a motor scooter or pedal bike and you'll be exploring Bermuda like a local.

Scooters are just one of the ways to get around Bermuda

Scooters are a popular way to get around

Motor scooters (mopeds) and pedal bikes (bicycles) are ideal for exploring the island's winding streets and for stopping in at a lay-by (a.k.a. scenic overlook) to take in the ocean views. It's a truly Bermudian way of getting around.

Scooter riders and cyclists of all levels can make the most of these favourite modes of transportation. And fear not! The speed limit is never set above 20mph / 32kph. Just remember: Bermudians drive on the left!

Motor Scooter Requirements

Renting a scooter in Bermuda requires three things:

  • You must be at least 18 years of age or older.
  • You must wear a helmet.
  • You must drive on the left-hand side of the road.

The cycle liveries are happy to provide a delivery and pick-up service at your hotel.

Pedal Bikes

Pedal Bikes in Bermuda

Riding a pedal bike in Bermuda

Bermuda’s many long, twisting roads make cycling the island especially rewarding. One thing you must do ride the Bermuda Railway trail or the 'tracks' as Bermudians call it.  The 'tracks; because it was once Bermuda Train system ran 18 miles on the waters edge.  The trail doesn't allow any motorized traffic which makes it ideal for biking.  Just remember, if you ask to rent a "bike" or most Bermudians will assume you want a motor scooter. On the island, non-motorized two-wheelers are called pedal bikes.

In addition, Bermuda now has hybrid-electric bicycles that offer all the advantages of a regular bicycle including fun, exercise and zero emissions, as well as an electric motor that provides help getting up the steep hills in Bermuda.

Rentals typically range between $30 USD and $35 USD per day.


The following companies rent scooters and/or pedal bikes: 

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