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COVID-19 Testing Options for Safe Travels to & from Bermuda

Here are the easiest ways to get an expedited test result before you depart and return.

A view of Hamilton from above

A view of Hamilton from above

Bermuda has implemented rigorous preventative measures during the coronavirus pandemic and requires a negative PCR COVID-19 test from visitors before travel, upon arrival and at various points throughout their stay.

Bermuda-bound travellers have many options for fulfilling their pre-departure testing requirement, including a variety of convenient testing partnerships available within the U.S.

On island, all necessary tests are automatically scheduled for travellers. Details, testing times and locations are emailed directly to each individual traveller, ensuring a safe and worry-free experience from the time visitors arrive through their journey home.

Current Testing Protocols

Immunised Travellers: must abide by all pre-departure protocols and on-island traveller testing schedule. See immunised traveller protocols here.

Non-Immunised Travellers: must abide by all pre-departure protocols and on-island traveller testing schedule. See non-immunised traveller protocols here.

Pre-Arrival Testing Options

Once you receive a negative PCR COVID test result, you are free to travel to Bermuda, with the expectation you'll wear a mask, socially distance, and adhere to any other guidelines currently in place. Click here to review the requirements for a valid pre-arrival test.

While there are many ways to obtain the test needed for travel to Bermuda, the Bermuda Tourism Authority has collaborated with partners Costco and AZOVA in the U.S., to provide three reliable testing options that are in line with Bermuda's health protocols for visitors as well as residents of Bermuda returning home.

Testing For Travellers Departing Bermuda

Most travellers returning to the United States, United Kingdom or Canada will have their outbound testing requirements met within the existing testing regime. Any visitor in need of an outbound test not covered by the existing testing programme, is automatically booked for a return home test. These will be matched with the 72-hour requirement for test results on the way out. Should the time or location of a test not suit you, please call the COVID hotline to reschedule on (441) 444-2498 or toll-free 1-833-570-2594. Learn more.

On-Island Testing

On island, all incoming travellers are automatically booked to be tested in accordance with current testing requirements. The location and time of each test will automatically be booked, and you will receive email reminders 24 hours before each test. Should the time or location of a test not suit you, please call the COVID hotline to reschedule on (441) 444-2498 or toll-free 1-833-570-2594.

See Travel Testing Frequently Asked Questions.

Private Testing Options On-Island

The below providers offer private on-island testing:

Northshore Medical offers a range of private testing options:

Be sure to stay updated on restrictions on indoor dining and other activities. See the latest Bermuda travel alert and learn about safe and responsible travel to Bermuda.