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Looking for assistance with planning your Bermuda meeting or event? Find contact information below to start orchestrating your most memorable event yet.

For information on meeting and event planning, call or email the Bermuda Tourism Authority's Sales & Business Development Department for assistance with hotel selection, programme planning, promotional materials or audiovisual support.

U.S. & Canada

The Fairmont Southampton

Bermuda Tourism Authority
675 Third Avenue, 20th Floor
New York, NY 10017
Tel: 1-800-223-6106 
Email: [email protected]

U.K. &  Europe

Tel: (0) 800-883-0857
Email: [email protected]

Bermuda is Safe from Zika

There is no known local transmission of Zika virus in Bermuda because the most capable mosquito species to transmit the virus, the Aedes aegypti, is not found on the island. Bermuda has one of the most comprehensive mosquito control programmes in the world. For travellers concerned about visiting destinations where Zika has been identified, Bermuda is an ideal location for meetings and events.

At this time, travel to Bermuda is as safe and easy as it’s always been. The Bermuda Tourism Authority continues to monitor the situation with appropriate local and international health authorities.