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"Scuba Diver Life" Dives Into Bermuda

Surrounded by crystal clear turquoise waters, Bermuda offers an underwater playground for scuba adventurers. That's just what Nadia Aly of Scuba Diver Life Magazine discovered recently. This video brings you along on her Bermuda journey. 

Just a two-hour flight from most major U.S. east coast airports, the island is known as the shipwreck capital of the world, thanks to the 200+ sunken vessels that are ready for divers to explore. At 21 square miles long and just two miles at its widest point, you're never far away from a dive. Of course, you have to make it past those legendary beaches first, as Nadia finds when she visits Southampton Beach, with its pretty pink sands and gentle waves.

"I'm pretty impressed with Bermuda right now," she says

But she makes it out on the water and dives in to discover the coral reefs and abundant marine life. The Constellation, a four-masted, wooden-hulled American schooner, is just below the waves, offering a chance to swim around a real shipwreck. The 160-foot Hermes is another of Bermuda's popular shipwrecks for scuba divers because she is still intact and the water can be exceptionally clear. In John Smith's Bay, say hello to the fishes and float through underwater arches and coral formations. 

Bermuda is just as fun topside as it is underwater. Warwick Long Bay boasts an .8KM / .5MI stretch of sand against a backdrop of scrubland, cozy coves, and coastal grasses. Just offshore, a jagged coral island floats above the water. Jobson's Cove is a favourite spot for those looking for a secluded, off-the-beaten path beach. 

Looking for more fun? Try flyboarding, a new waterspout that allows you to literally fly over the water. For a mellower activity, wander the streets of St. George's, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that is one of the oldest English settlements in the western hemisphere. Go underground at Fantasy Caves, an otherworldly spot with astonishing stalactites and stalagmites, not to mention an amazing subterranean lake. Take a break in the hot tub at the Hamilton Princess & Beach Club

It all adds up to making Bermuda the perfect destination for families, couples or solo travelers.