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Adventure in Paradise: Kevin of Fit Men Cook Explores Bermuda by Moped

Kevin from Fit Men Cook takes in the best of Bermuda – all the sights and sounds, plus plenty of food and fun.

Day 1

His preferred mode of transport? A moped.

“Speeding through the streets of Bermuda not only allowed me to see the culture but also to live it,” Kevin says of his two-wheel adventures on the island.

Kevin's first stop is Island Spice, a local favorite restaurant that offers some healthier spins on Bermudian cuisine, including plenty of vegetarian options and a delicious baked jerk chicken.

“Bermudian food is a lot like soul food,” Kevin says. “Lots of flavour, lots of love.”

Then it’s time for a little flyboarding – it’s the most fun you’ll ever have with boots on. The flyboard attaches to your feet at one end, and to the jet end of a personal watercraft (PWC) at the other. Using jet thrust as propulsion, it lets you fly through the air and water.

Next, Kevin explores Bermuda’s legendary Crystal Caves, one of the hottest spots to visit during both the on-season and the off-season. Kevin and his guide descend 130 feet down to see magnificent stalactites and stalagmites and a gorgeous underground lake. Two teenagers first discovered the caves in the early 20th century.

“Buried in the heart of this beautiful paradise is one of nature’s greatest creations,” Kevin raves.

Night falls and Kevin heads to Hamilton to check out one of the island’s best restaurants, the Barracuda Grill. Chef Derek Meyer gives him the lowdown on the spiny lobster, a Bermuda delicacy, prepared using Goslings’ Black Rum and fresh citrus zest. “The flavours came alive,” Kevin says. Spiny lobster season generally takes place from September to March.

Day 2

Kevin starts off his second day with some paddleboard yoga. Then he heads over to Miles Market, an island institution since 1862.

It’s the perfect place to prep for a picnic, offering shelves stocked with high-quality items from abroad, an in-house butcher, a bakery, cheese, wines by the bottle and a take-out counter. With groceries taken care of, he hits the beach for some horse riding – a very Bermuda activity that the Texan-born Kevin loves.

Having worked up an appetite, Kevin hops on his scooter and heads to downtown Hamilton in search of good food. He finds plenty of it at the Balluga Sushi Bar. "Fish is always a good option if you’re a traveler who wants to eat healthy," Kevin says. Chef Sammy shows him how to make the perfect vegetarian roll, finished off with a smoked sesame dipping sauce.

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