Ready Set Sail Experience The Bermuda Grand Prix Presented Hamilton Princess

The thrilling, high-stakes Sail GP kickoff event featuring the world’s fastest F50 Catamarans returns to compete in Bermuda’s stunning Great Sound.

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Bermuda Sail Grand Prix Presented by Hamilton Princess

Sail GP returned to the stunning waters of Bermuda’s Great Sound for the highly anticipated first event of Season 3 on May 14-15, 2022.

With the Bermuda Tourism Authority as the Official Host Partner, alongside the Hamilton Princess & Beach Club as Title Partner, the Grand Prix is bound to deliver another exhilarating race weekend to kickstart the new championship season.

Season 3 of the global league boasts an expanded roster of teams, with Switzerland and Canada joining Australia, Denmark, France, Great Britain, Japan, New Zealand, Spain, and the United States. The competing teams feature the sport's best athletes including Olympic gold medalists and world champions, all racing together at the same time in identical boats – leading to some serious action on the water.

Sail GP Ticket Info

SailGP, the world's most exciting racing on-water, is suited for the island’s pleasant climate and impressive courses. SailGP isn’t just a perfect fit for Bermuda’s storied history of sailing culture – it also features community initiatives, likely to have a lasting legacy for the island’s community at large.

Community initiatives continue to focus on creating a better sport and better planet through the implementation of sustainability projects, both social and environmental, fostering relationships that are diverse and meaningful for the island. In its Race for the Future, SailGP’s Women’s Pathway Program, promoting gender equity, has progressed from training female athletes to join the league to seeing program athletes forming part of the racing team aboard the high speed F50s. 

As a climate positive sports and entertainment organization – the first to achieve both the Carbon Neutral International Standard and be part of the UN’s Climate Neutral Now initiative – SailGP is committed to offsetting its carbon footprint at each of its events. By signing the league’s Climate Action Charter – working alongside CDP – the island shares a commitment to local impact projects, focusing on clean energy and wider ocean conservation.

Beyond the Race: More Bermuda Sailing Events

After being a witness to the thrills of SailGP and Bermuda’s enchanting beauty and warm culture, you’ll certainly want to visit – and you’ll have plenty of reasons to start planning your trip. Every other June, the Newport Bermuda Race brings thrill seekers halfway across the Atlantic for what they call the “Thrash to the Onion Patch.” Annapolis Bermuda Ocean Race is also a big draw in June. Or, visit in May to spy luxury yachts making the trek to Bermuda’s waters from the south for the Antigua-Bermuda Race. See more Bermuda sailing events and races. 

2021 Race Results

On April 24-25, 2021, some of the biggest names in professional sailing squared off in a battle of high-performance foiling catamarans in the first-ever Bermuda Sail Grand Prix presented by Hamilton Princess. The event was the opening event of SailGP Season 2 and the largest event to visit the island since it hosted the 35th America’s Cup in 2017.

The highly anticipated Sail Grand Prix presented by Hamilton Princess was full of high speed on-the-water thrills. The race weekend saw plenty of drama with a collision, a capsize and to all broadcast spectator’s delight, non-stop adrenaline-charged racing. Clear blue skies, steady winds and the turquoise waters of the Great Sound greeted the eight teams as the race got underway. Day One racing ended in spectacular fashion with the Australian SailGP Team at the top of the leaderboard with a clean sweep of three for three wins.

Day Two found the teams back on the water with Team Australia entering the final as a strong favourite after their Day One finish. As the race day progressed, broadcast viewers were witness to the race-ending collision between Japan and the United States which lead to the eventual capsize by the US team. With the six remaining teams battling it out to make the podium in this winner-takes-all race the excitement was high. At the end of the race day, it would be the Great Britain SailGP Team crowned as the SailGP Season 2 champions, followed by Australia and France.

The races were broadcast live via Facebook, Youtube and through the SailGP App.



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