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For bridal sets, statement pieces and luxury jewellery, visitors and Bermudians alike often turn to Davidrose Jewelry. Get to know David and Rose, the pair of talented jewellers behind the designs, and get a fresh take on island style.

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Davidrose's husband and wife team – David and Rose – create bridal jewellery, one-of-a-kind statement pieces and luxury silver jewellery. Pay a visit to the couple at their historic Town of St. George shop, where they’re always hard at work dreaming up new pieces.

What Is It About the Island That Inspires You Creatively?

Living on an island paradise such as Bermuda we are surrounded by inspiration. From the moment your plane descends towards the runway at L.F. International Airport, you see the beautiful hues of blue, aqua and turquoise. The beautiful turquoise waters have inspired many collections, most notably our famous Ocean collection.

The infamous Bermuda Triangle is one of our most popular pieces, and we have created a few pieces by playing on those words. Several of our pieces also use triangles.

Other inspirations are our magnificent sunrises and sunsets. We’ve created cocktail rings using yellow sapphires and citrine, and Bermuda’s unique pink sand inspired us to use rose gold in several pieces. We’ve also worked with semi-precious stones like rose quartz and morganite, as they resemble the hues of our sands, while staying true to our luxury brand.

How Does Your Jewellery Reflect Bermuda?

Bermudians are unique and so is our jewellery. We don’t like creating mass-produced pieces. We like pushing the boundaries of what we can do. Our Bermuda Pride collection that David created pays homage to Bermuda, from the flora – the Bermudiana, our national flower – to the Longtail bird that visits Bermuda in late February and end of March, which is the first sign of spring.

We have won the “Best of Bermuda” award for fine jewellery for two years now and we are known for creating custom and engagement rings. This engagement ring, which uses rose gold and a nautical rope-inspired design, reflects our nautical history.

We’ve created cocktail rings using yellow sapphires and citrine, and Bermuda's unique pink sand inspired us to use rose gold in several pieces.

What Kind of Person Wears Your Jewellery?

Rose: With our unique cuts and designs, our clients are fashion-forward, like the finer things in life and are socially conscious. All the diamonds and gemstones we use are conflict-free and are ethically mined.

David: This is a difficult question because we don’t create jewellery based on a specific type of person. No matter the age, race, sex or religion, we have created pieces for everyone. So, we have pieces for visitors to buy to remind them of the first time they fell in love with this island; we have young professionals who want to buy something to celebrate their achievements; we have parents who want a high school graduation gift; and last but not least,we have young couples who are making huge life choices by purchasing an engagement ring.

How Would You Describe Bermuda’s Sense of Style?

Simple: “Island Chic.”



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