Why Film in Bermuda?


Bermuda is a paradise for filmmaking, offering a level of support, convenience, hospitality, and scenic splendor that's hard to match. 

Breathtaking beauty. Sublime weather. Hospitality that's a way of life. All just 2 hours from most eastern US airports. The question should be "why not Bermuda" for your next film production?



Bermuda boasts 75 miles of coastline with some of the most gorgeous beaches in the world. You'll find stunning stretches of pink sand and crystal-clear turquoise waters that are unparalleled for underwater shooting. Secluded coves are set off by dramatic rock formations, cliffs and bluffs. And everywhere, lush greenery and colorful flora form a picture-perfect backdrop.

In addition to Bermuda's one-of-a-kind natural beauty, the island is awash in historic character, including architectural gems, preserved fortifications, naval battlements, historic lighthouses, and more.



Warmed by the Gulf Stream, Bermuda is known for its extraordinarily pleasant weather. Extremes of either hot or cold temperatures are rare. The hottest time of year is May through mid-October, with temps averaging between 75°F and 85°F (23°C-29°C). Winter months average a balmy 70°F (21°C). No relentless stretches of heat, and fewer hurricanes, thanks to our ideal Atlantic location.



Bermudians are known as some of the friendliest people in the world. A diverse population, islanders are descendants of English settlers, enslaved persons from the West Indies, and many others who have in common their seafaring heritage. Today you'll experience a unique and colorful culture that blends British charm and island soul. Generations of Bermudians have perfected the art of hospitality, treating visitors to an island escape that is luxurious, relaxing, adventure-filled, and of the very highest quality.



Just 2 hours from New York and other eastern US cities, Bermuda is easily accessible by air from the US, Canada and the UK. A cozy 21 square miles, the island is both compact and easy to get around by taxi, bus, scooter, bike, or boat, including by public ferry-a scenic way to navigate the island.

Luxury resort hotels, state-of-the-art telecommunications, private mansions and homes, historic buildings and a wide range of other facilities, buildings and accommodations are available to meet your needs. Our people, our government, our island welcome the opportunity to work with you.



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