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Review our National Tourism Plan to see the BTA’s work in action, learn about how our teams are organised, and access forms, RFPs, webinars, presentations, and other helpful resources created with a goal of increasing visitation to Bermuda.

The BTA’s sales & marketing, business intelligence & technology, and operations divisions work closely together to grow the tourism economy in Bermuda.

Browse webinars, public presentations and speeches, and informational resources that provide valuable insights into Bermuda’s tourism industry.

View a list of current Requests for Proposal and download RFP documents that are of interest.

Add your business to the GoToBermuda.com business directory. Enter your business information here to start the process.

Explore the BTA’s National Tourism Plan and learn about current and future strategies and activities to grow Bermuda tourism.

Be part of our Visitor Panel: provide feedback to the BTA about your visit and help enhance our on-island experiences.



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