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Bermuda Tourism Authority & SailGP Send Message of Thanks to Bermuda

Friday, April 30, 2021

Bermuda Tourism Authority joined SailGP to release a message of thanks to Bermuda after a thrilling weekend of racing in the Great Sound and months training on-island. Twelve elite SailGP athletes, including four from Great Britain's winning team, joined the Premier in his capacity as Minister of Tourism in expressing gratitude to the people of Bermuda for the support shown for the global league's Season 2 opener, the Bermuda Sail Grand Prix presented by Hamilton Princess.

SailGP CEO Russell Coutts said: "We owe a huge thanks to the people of Bermuda. These are challenging times, and it is through everyone's support that we managed to put on such a spectacular show, in a safe way. Last weekend saw some of the best racing I have ever witnessed, and it really showcased Bermuda as the great venue that it is and a fantastic location to run international sporting events."

Bermuda basked in the international spotlight for two days of racing broadcast in over 175 territories, including key markets in the US and UK at a vital time in Bermuda's pandemic recovery period. 

Tourism chief Charles H. Jeffers II shared, "As we continue to work towards the restoration of our island's tourism economy, and the livelihoods of those in the industry, we welcome the global visibility our island enjoyed, particularly in critical gateway markets. 

The event was executed safely, seamlessly, and ended with a spectacular finish. What's more, the organisation has delivered on significant community initiatives that will endure - positively impacting us economically, socially and environmentally."

The Hon. Premier David Burt JP, MP, said, "For Bermuda, Sail GP is much more than a weekend of adrenaline. Our partnership also creates a lasting legacy: From SAILGP team pairings with community sailing clubs; to youth engagement through the Endeavour and Inspire programmes; to virtual STEAM learning and career guidance, and Cedar & Sail, a public education campaign elevating the stories of Bermuda's Maritime Heritage, particularly the contributions of Black sailors."

Event organisers, sponsors and the Bermuda Tourism Authority worked closely with the Ministries of Health and National Security, alongside other leading experts and medical professions with support from other major elite sports events, on creating and implementing a robust COVID-Safe plan. The stringent measures – included creating and living in designated bubble environments that ensure absolutely no external contact, daily health reports and regular testing – have allowed other professional sports to operate worldwide in locked down countries and was successfully executed for the Bermuda Sail Grand Prix. However, as the event drew near, the Bermuda Government responded to a surge in locally transmitted Covid-19 cases, and organisers initiated major changes to the programme. As a result, the hospitality programme was cancelled, and the on-site team headcount was reduced by half.

The video featured Richard Mason, Luke Parkinson, Hannah Mills and Neil Hunter of Great Britain's winning SailGP team alongside representatives from the New Zealand, Spain and Australia teams with a special message from Bermuda's Premier.

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