Bermuda Tourism Authority Releases Q2 Tourism Figures

(Hamilton, Bermuda – August 11, 2023) – The Bermuda Tourism Authority (BTA) today reported second-quarter tourism figures for the period ending June 30 2023.  

The Q2 figures recorded 41,821 leisure air arrivals representing an increase of 25.7% compared to Q2 2022. Hotel occupancy experienced an increase of 12.1%, with hotel RevPAR (Revenue Per Available Room) increasing by 26% compared to the same period last year. 

Visitor expenditure by air travelers was $113.4 million, a 20.6% increase from Q2, 2022. However, there was a 6.1% decrease in individual spending, which came to $1,815 per person. The decrease in per-person expenditure was partially attributed to visitors spending on average 6.08 days on the island vs. 6.47 in Q2, 2022.  

In the cruise sector, Bermuda welcomed 186,303 passengers through 66 calls during Q2. Additionally, there were 553 yacht visits, including 44 superyachts, indicating steady demand in the marine tourism segment. The estimated economic impact of yachts for the quarter stood at $6.17 million, which reflects a 21.4% decline compared to the previous year. This was attributed to 2023 being a non-Newport to Bermuda Race year as well as not hosting a SailGP event, both of which brought a significant number of yachts in Q2, 2022. The BTA remains dedicated to the recently established marine sales department, aiming to expand this sector and bring further economic growth.    

In Q2 the BTA executed numerous successful initiatives, both locally and internationally. Hospitality Month was held in April under the banner "Elevate Bermuda Together", emphasising the vitality of Bermuda's hospitality sector and recognising key contributors. The second annual Dive Month showcased Bermuda’s maritime treasures, from clear waters and pristine reefs to historic shipwrecks. In May, the BTA hosted a Bermuda Day VIP event in Hamilton, which, despite heavy rains, sold out and saw a 64% increase in visitor attendance compared to the previous year. 

In Q2 the BTA implemented a new paid media campaign across several platforms including social media, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), and digital media. North American promotions resulted in a media value of over $50 million and a potential reach of approximately 76 million viewers on social media. In the UK and Europe 17 articles reached an audience of approximately 44 million people.  

The BTA also collaborated with local content creators to produce videos showcasing Bermuda’s many attractions including beaches, historical sites, and events. The BTA refined and amplified its online presence with numerous campaigns targeting various audiences and objectives.  

In collaboration with the Ministry of Transport and other partners, the BTA enhanced air connectivity and advanced other National Tourism Plan initiatives. Engaging the local community is a core strategy in the National Tourism Plan and the BTA interacted with schools, launched the BTA+ online platform dedicated to industry education and training, and continued to refine the stakeholder portal, BTAConnect. 

Industry partners have played a pivotal role in driving the positive outcomes seen in the last quarter and Stephen Todd, CEO of the Bermuda Hotel Association, commented on the Q2 figures, stating: "We appreciate the ongoing sales and marketing efforts being made by the Bermuda Tourism Authority in the last quarter, which have positively contributed to repositioning Bermuda as a sought-after international travel destination. This progressive trend reflects a step in the right direction for our key industry and that of our destination.” 

BTA CEO Tracy Berkeley said: “The second quarter was certainly encouraging in terms of the continued rebound in visitors following Covid related travel restrictions during the past few years. While we still have ground to make up and remain constrained by various challenges including diminished hotel capacity and air lift, the results from the first half of this year reflect the efforts of the BTA team, industry partners and the Bermuda community in building a meaningful and sustained recovery and future growth for our tourism industry.” 

Bermuda Tourism Authority publishes quarterly tourism measures and annual reports which are available on the corporate page of the Bermuda Tourism Authority website.  



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