Bermuda Tourism Authority Launches Immersive ‘House of Bermuda’ and Hosts Conde Nast Traveler World Chef Series Dinner in the UK

Bermuda Tourism Authority (BTA) has officially debuted the “House of Bermuda” exclusively for trade, media, and consumers in the UK market. The unique immersive experience from the BTA leans into the award-winning “Lost Yet Found” campaign by taking guests on a journey to discover the enchantment and mystery of Bermuda. The House of Bermuda encourages UK, visitors, to take advantage of British Airways' daily direct flight from London’s Heathrow airport that started on March 17th. So far, the three-day event has confirmed guests, including 200+ consumers, over 100 trade and product managers, 40 media, and 60 Conde Nast Traveler readers.

The House of Bermuda, held at The Apartment of The Hoxton, Southwark, from 16-18 March 2023, features four experiences with local Bermudian experts at the heart of the activation. Kicking off the event, UK-based content creators were invited to explore the House of Bermuda and participate in a sunrise yoga session to utilize their social media platforms and reach showcasing their Bermudaful experience to tens of thousands of their followers.

When beginning their journey around the House of Bermuda, they step in by first discovering the art of the Dark ‘n Stormy by Bermudian Tene Doling. After a few sips, they enter ‘The Pantry’, where tastebuds are treated to traditional culinary delights by Bermudian chef Richard Zuill, a chef at Bermuda's Hamilton Princess. Tasty bites will include traditional dishes such as fish chowder and bite-size versions of Bermuda’s famous fish sandwich. For the health-conscious visitor, foraging tour expert and Bermudian Doreen Williams offers freshly made organic juices, including Prickly Pear and Ginger, using local ingredients sourced directly from Bermuda.


Next up on the journey is The ‘Bermuda Stories’ zone, a tranquil space for guests to put their feet up, open their minds, and enjoy stories from ocean advocate and scuba diving Bermudian Weldon Wade, who discusses the importance of ocean conservation and Bermuda’s efforts in protecting our oceans on a global scale. Alongside Weldon is storyteller and historian Bermudian Kristin White, who shares her stories on past and present life in Bermuda and offers inspiring tales from the island.

For those who desire even more adventure, the ‘Club House’ experiences virtually transport guests to Bermuda where they can show off their best swing on one of our mini-golf holes, place their strongest tennis forearm on display or dive in and explore a shipwreck underwater through virtual reality goggles.

Culminating each day, an indulging spa treatment is available to guests in the custom ‘Bermuda Spa’ inspired by the stunning Grotto Bay Caves. Guests are encouraged to relax and recharge with a 15- minute private spa treatment in partnership with Grotto Bay Beach Resort & Spa whilst enjoying stunning visuals of the Bermuda landscape and scenery.

On Friday night, the BTA team hosts the Conde Nast World Chef Series featuring Bermudian dishes by Chef Richard Zuill. Conde Nast Traveler is a top luxury and lifestyle magazine with a global reach in the travel market. BTA VP of Marketing, PR & Communications, Jamari Douglas, will provide opening

remarks at the event to further spread Bermuda’s messaging. Interim CEO Tracy Berkeley and VP of Sales and Business Development Devin Lewis will also attend to further the island’s network and share the destination’s many opportunities for travelers.

“We are thrilled over the response The House of Bermuda has received from the UK trade, media, and consumer audience. Driving visitation from the UK/European is one of the BTA's top strategic priorities. Our key objective with this activation is to give UK residents a taste of Bermuda through our unique culinary, wellness, storytelling, and outdoor experiences,” says Tracy Berkeley, interim CEO of Bermuda Tourism Authority. Ms. Berkeley added, “With British Airways recently increasing airlift to a daily direct flight from Heathrow International, there has never been a more appropriate time to ensure we fully engage with this market.”



The Bermuda Tourism Authority (BTA) is an award-winning, accredited destination marketing organisation that promotes Bermuda internationally and works to empower our tourism industry stakeholders. Explore Bermuda’s National Tourism Plan.

House of Bermuda in the UK



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