Bermuda Arrival Card Privacy Notice

This Privacy Notice sets out how we use your personal information.

Please read this document carefully and contact us if you have any questions.

“Card” means the Bermuda Arrival Card;
“Hard Copy Card” means the hard copy version of the Card available through your airline or when transiting Bermuda Immigration;
“Online Card” means the Bermuda Arrival Card (pdf format) created upon completing the online Arrival card form available at the Website.
“Website” means 

1. Who we are and contact details
We are the:
Bermuda Tourism Authority
22 Church Street
Hamilton HM 11
t: +1 (441) 296 9200

We are a body corporate created by the Bermuda Tourism Authority Act 2013.  If you have a question about this Privacy Notice or our use of your personal information, please contact our Privacy Officer.

The contact details for our Privacy Officer are:
Erin Smith

Privacy Officer

22 Church Street
Hamilton, HM 11

e: [email protected]

2. What personal information do we use and where does it come from?
Personal information can include things that can allow someone to identify you either directly, through your name or passport number (etc.), or indirectly, through your address, phone number, date of birth or IP address (etc.).
We obtain your personal information from:

The Website uses:
    •    First name*
    •    Middle initial*
    •    Last name*
    •    Gender*
    •    Citizenship / Nationality*
    •    Passport number* (which is not stored in our database but remains available in the document for presentation to officials)
    •    Passport expiration date (which is not stored in our database but remains available in the document for presentation to officials)
    •    eMail address*
    •    Date of birth*
    •    Arrival date
    •    Arrival method
    •    Home address including country and zip/postal code*
    •    First trip Yes or No?
    •    Intended stay / Number. of nights
    •    Purpose of entry
    •    Intended address Type (hotel, etc.)
    •    Positive marketing contact click button
    •    Positive truth declaration click button
* Indicates personally identifiable information (PII).

Transfer from a third-party organisation:
The Department of Immigration transfers electronic files to us containing:
    •    Title
    •    First name*
    •    Middle initial*
    •    Last name*
    •    Gender*
    •    Citizenship / Nationality*
    •    Issuing country
    •    Date of birth
    •    Arrival date

3. Third Party Personal Information
If you complete the Arrival Card with personal information relating to an individual other than yourself (a third party) you must ensure that:
1.     the third party has provided you with their consent for the use of their personal information in this way; and
2.     the personal information you provide is accurate.
If the third party does not provide this consent, we ask they complete this information themselves.
If the third party does not have legal capacity, you must be either:
    •    the individual legally authorised to provide consent on their behalf (in the jurisdiction in which you/they are permanently resident; or
    •    be authorised by that person to complete the Online Card.

4. Children’s Personal Information
If you are under the age of 14 years, you should not use this Website.
If you are legally authorised to act on behalf of a child (see paragraph 3), you may use this Website.

5. The legal basis for our use?
Our legal basis for use is:
    •    a provision of law (Bermuda Immigration and Protection Act 1956 s42);
    •    consent; and/or
    •    that you would not reasonably request us to “not begin or cease”.

Visitors arriving in Bermuda are required to provide the Arrival Card form (and the personal information it contains) as a ‘condition’ of landing in Bermuda (Bermuda Immigration and Protection Act 1956: s42). Failure to do so may impact your ability to transit immigration.

6. How we use your personal information?
We collect your personal information as follows:
    •    Your personal information is input directly into a secure database housed in Bermuda;
    •    You are required to present the Arrival Card either in electronic or paper form upon arrival in Bermuda; 
    •    The Department of Immigration transfers an electronic file of personal information to us as detailed in paragraph 2 as further validation of your personal information and arrival.

We use your personal information as follows:
    •    to invite you to participate in a survey;
    •    to provide the Government of Bermuda and interested stakeholders with aggregated and anonymised statistical information to ensure, direct and improve the level and quality of visitor experience and target marketing and other communication and information services for the benefit of the economy of Bermuda and visitors’ Bermuda travel experience;
    •    to answer questions / deliver relevant marketing / information / or services to individuals who have consented to receive this;
    •    to transfer to relevant third parties for them to answer questions / deliver relevant marketing / information / or services to individuals who have consented to receive this.

7. Who has access to your personal information and do we transfer your personal information to organisations in Bermuda / overseas?
Relevant staff and/or contractors have access to only that personal information necessary for the lawful discharge of our duties and their tasks.
All our staff understand their obligation to maintain customer personal information subject to conditions of confidence.
Inside Bermuda - We transfer your personal information externally with third parties in Bermuda:
    •    when required by law. We disclose only the personal information that is necessary to comply with a lawful request.
Overseas - We may transfer your personal information overseas to third parties for purposes of research and reporting:
    •    Narrative Research ( based in the Canada for visitor exit survey research.

Information transferred:
    •    Name
    •    Date of arrival
    •    Email address

Adara ( based in the United States for marketing research purposes.  Their privacy Policy may be viewed at  
    •    Information transferred:
    •    Card Number     
    •    Email (SHA256 encrypted)
    •    Home Address
    •    City and PostalCode
When we use third party service providers based overseas, we disclose only the personal information necessary for the task. We ensure a contract is in place providing a comparable level of security and protection equivalent to that we provide.
We will not share your personal information with third parties for marketing purposes unless you have expressly consented to this.
We will not sell or rent your personal information.

8. How long do we keep your personal information?
We retain the personal information provided through the Card for ten years. 

9. What are your rights?
We will do all we reasonably can to assist you with any issue arising from our use of your personal information.
[When the Bermuda Personal Information & Protection Act (PIPA) comes into force this section will be amended to detail your full legal rights under the Act.]

10. Any questions? [How can you exercise your rights?]
Please contact our Privacy Officer.
Erin Smith
Privacy Officer
22 Church Street
Hamilton, HM 11

11. Security
We constantly monitor the security of our systems and we review our policies and procedures on a regular basis.

For communication purposes the Website uses secure communication over HTTPS protocol. It is validated by a digital certificate issued by Starfield Secure Certificate Authority - G2. The Certificate uses SHA-256 hashing algorithm and 2048-bits RSA signing algorithm.

Information transmitted normally over the Internet can never be guaranteed as 100% secure. As a result, while we strive to protect your personal information, we cannot guarantee the security of any information you transmit to us. Once we receive your personal information, we make all reasonable (and appropriate) efforts to ensure its security on our systems.

12. Privacy Notice (administrative details)
Privacy Notice No.[101 v2.0]
Effective Date: [September 2023]
This Privacy Notice may be updated from time to time. Any amended Privacy Notice becomes effective and replaces the previous version once published.



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