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Byron Talbott's Bermuda Culinary Adventure: Local Island Flavours

On day two of vlogger Byron Talbott’s adventure in Bermuda, he gets a real taste of the island’s local flavours.

Byron and his wife start the day off with breakfast at a local favourite, farm-to-table eatery called Tribe Road Kitchen. “The chefs here have a serious, but little bit whimsical approach that I enjoyed quite a bit,” Byron says. “Everything I had here was off-the-charts amazing.”

Next up, he heads to Masterworks Museum, Bermuda’s premier art museum, highlighting island artists both new and old. Artists such as Georgia O’Keeffe, Charles Demuth, Jack Bush and Albert Giles are all featured in the museum.

Bermuda’s British culture plays a big part in Byron and his wife’s next stop – high tea at the Bermuda Perfumery. They learn about some of the materials and methods that go into making perfume before enjoying teas, jams, butter, honey and some delicious scones and tea cakes.

With time for one more culinary adventure, the couple indulges in dinner at Four Ways Inn, one of the island’s most acclaimed restaurants. After scoping out the extensive wine cellar, they had a perfectly prepared dinner with grilled spiny lobster, lobster bisque, pan fried veal cutlet and more. 

This video is part of Bermuda's Tastemade video series. Follow along and meet three globetrotting food-lovers who share their adventures in Bermuda. See Byron Talbott explore sustainable farming in Bermuda; or meet Kevin of, and food journalist Katie Quinn as they uncover the best of Bermuda.